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Honest Thief (Blu-ray Review)

At this point, seeing Liam Neeson as the lead in an action film only inspires so much confidence in the quality. Honest Thief, even when getting something that can make movie fans feel closer to normal in an odd year, is not one that’s bringing much new to the table. Despite a strong supporting cast […]


Liam Neeson Now Steals His Very Particular Skills In HONEST THIEF, On Blu-ray 12/29

Global action hero Liam Neeson (Taken franchise, Batman Begins) stars as a notorious bank robber who turns himself in only to be double-crossed by a pair of corrupt FBI agents in the gripping thriller Honest Thief, available to own on Digital December 8, 2020, and on Blu-ray™, DVD, and OnDemand December 29, 2020, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. […]