Get Haunted March 29th!

HauntNewcomers and avid readers of the Robert Kirkman/Todd McFarlane-created series Haunt can breathe a little easier…a collection is on its way.  Image Comics will be releasing Haunt Volume 1 later this month.  The book will come only in paperback form and will encompass the first five issues of the supernatural series.  The recently released issue 5 concluded the title’s first story arc, so it only makes sense for Image to start assembling collective releases now.  While issue 5 also wrapped up its first tale, it also saw pencil-master Ryan Ottley part ways from the action-packed Haunt title. 

Ottley is staying with Image so don’t dial your psychiatrist just yet.  He is merely switching duties to work on another Image title; Invincible.  In his stead, Greg Capullo, previously overseeing the layout of Haunt, will be assuming pencil duty.  I know, I know.  We all hate change.  Hey, give the guy a chance though.  Capullo didn’t get to where he’s at from not having talent.  The exciting future of Haunt is just around the corner with an upcoming stand-alone issue 6, a new story arc beginning in issue 7, and the almighty Volume 1 collection due out March 29th


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3 Responses to “Get Haunted March 29th!”

  1. Gerard

    Nice! I have no idea what this is about, but love Capullo’s work. “Creech” was great.

    I’ll be tracking this one down!

  2. Gregg

    Hey Gerard, here is the premise in a nutshell: Two brothers, one’s a corrupt priest, the other a very capable black ops commando. The latter gets killed and his ghost meets up with the priest brother. Only the priest can hear and see the ghost. The two can merge into the supernatural (but not invincible) being known as Haunt. The only problem is the priest can’t stand it when he’s in that form. All in all, Haunt’s a good guy and literally makes a mess of the opposition when he’s done with them.

    The artwork is great and the writing is just awesome. It just keeps flowing from issue to issue with no let-up in sight.

  3. Gerard

    Very cool!!!!

    Looks like I’ll tracking this down!