Gregg Says Jennifer’s Body Was Hot!

Jennifer's BodyJennifer’s body was hot.  Now that I’ve covered all the good points of the film, you’ll notice I was not talking about the movie as a whole there in all its un-italicized glory.  Yes Megan Fox is indeed eye candy and recent interviews quoted her in unhappiness with the self-proclaimed over-glamorizing she endured in both Transformers films.  I know what you’re thinking, life is so hard sometimes.  Now she gets top billing and has the opportunity to be the bad girl on screen (it’s safe to say she already has that base covered in real life). 

Jennifer’s Body has a very 1980’s feel to it, and the film’s creators managed to keep that vintage, campy feel.  They synopsis of this movie is…don’t gasp, I’m not giving any hard details away (though I would be doing your wallet a favor to keep you from seeing this film at the cinema), anyway, the synopsis of the movie is high school beauty queen, Jennifer (Megan Fox), is the unfortunate victim of demonic possession.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  Why, just the other day I thought I was about to be the victim of such an occurrence myself as I spoke with one of Lucifer’s lieutenants.  Then I realized I was just having a conversation with an IRS employee.  Whew!  Close call. 

In order to feed the insatiable appetite of the demon inside her, Jennifer must feed on the living.  With a high school full of raging-hormone males at her disposal, Jennifer finds no shortage of the human buffet in front of her.  Her best friend, Needy (played by Amanda Seyfried of Mama Mia fame), immediately notices some inexplicable changes in Jennifer and continues to maintain an uneasy relationship with her.  I will say if one of my very close friends started looking like a crack addict overnight, I’d probably take some sort of action of assistance that did not include “Sure, let’s go out tonight!” 

Now the big question you’ve all been waiting for; how is Megan Fox in a leading role?  In all honesty, I can’t judge that based on this film alone.  She assumed the role of a whiney, condescending, homicidal character and there wasn’t a great range of emotion to be had (funny, that sounds like two-thirds of traits from some of the cheerleaders I knew in high school).  Her situations of duress were conveyed very convincingly, but outside of that, she has the attribute of seduction already built into her and standing there with blood falling out of your mouth isn’t exactly an instance I can judge someone’s acting on. 

So much of this movie was very tongue-in-cheek to me.  Personally, I can’t qualify this as a horror film, filing it in a category with a classic such as the original Nightmare on Elm Street.  There was just too much silliness involved.  It did win a couple of faint laughs out of me, but the scares were non-existent.  I’d like to see Ms. Fox take the reigns once again as not just the leading lady, but the leading role as she did here.  However, I suggest her agent push for a more serious script, staying away from juvenile material such as Jennifer’s Body.  Expand your horizons, lass!  You won’t have that hot body forever.  My recommendation for this film is similar to what Leia once told Luke, “Run away, far away.”  


Jennifer's Body



2 Responses to “Gregg Says Jennifer’s Body Was Hot!”

  1. Blu-ray Brian

    Hilarious review my friend!

    It just goes to show you. The critics are definitely split on this one.

    I have a guilty pleasure for campy B-films like this, so I naturally enjoyed the show. Having Megan Fox in it…well…only sweetened the pot so to speak.

    But your quote from Star Wars had me in stitches.

    Even though I don’t agree with your sentiments in regards to the film, I appreciate your review for what it is…a very good one!

  2. Sig

    It’s a shame Hollywood thinks any attractive young girl would be able to act and carry a movie. Hot body? Maybe to men, but all I see is a stick legged, boob enhanced airhead who is getting by in her acting simply with the emphasis on looking good. Guess brains don’t count anymore. No wonder so many movies are flops! Great review Gregg, as always.