Gregg’s Tremendously Top 10 Blu-rays of 2013

top-10-blue There were plenty of great releases that arrived on store shelves this year, but let’s be honest. Will any year really compare to what came out in 2012? I mean, last year for Blu-rays was like what 1939 was for cinemas. It was only twelve months ago when the year’s releases included E.T., Jaws, Singin’ in the Rain and Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures. I may be starting this article off on the wrong foot, but last year was just too awesome to not tip the hat to again. While 2013 may not be loaded up with the classics that last year had, there are still more than enough great releases to load up your shopping cart with. Let’s get to it!

For first-time readers of our Top 10 Blu-ray lists, we take into account not just how much we enjoyed a film, but the degree of extras on that disc, along with the film’s visual and audio deliveries.  So while one of us may have liked movie-A more than movie-B at the theater, movie-B had a ton of extras and crazy surround sound on Blu-ray, whereas movie-A lacked in these areas, putting B higher on the disc list.  Got it?  Okay, enough of the chatter.  Here’s my list!


Django Unchained 210. Django Unchained (Steelbook Edition) – The ‘D’ is silent, hillbilly.  This is easily my favorite Tarantino film.  Yes it ran a tad long and probably could’ve been wrapped up a little bit earlier, but it’s still a great movie with a great tag-team of Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx.  Did I mention Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson excelled at playing the creepy villains?  The film was full of great acting, great dialogue and a brilliant story to boot.  The extra disc featuring the Django Unchained discussion panel at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con was a welcomed add-on to the film. Digital copy included!



Dexter season 79.  Dexter: Season 7 – Before heading into the downward spiral and supremely disappointing crash and burn that is known as season 8, the second-to-last season of Dexter made a big splash with special guest Ray Stevenson.  After a mediocre season 6, the show rebounded here, reminiscent of its younger years.  There’s just one problem every season of Dexter has on Blu-ray; the extras are very anemic.  That always shocked me…but not as much as how bad season 8 was.




World War Z8.  World War Z – Carl Louis zombies, anyone?  I don’t recall seeing a film where the undead could keep up with Olympic sprinters, but I found it here and was glued to the screen for every bit of it.  Despite the film’s production woes, it turned out a great movie and in turn looked great on Blu-ray as well.  The only downside is the extras.  We get a whopping three.  Granted, they are good, but give me seven more like that and this bad boy gets a higher ranking.  The digital copy was a big plus.




Being Human7.  Being Human: Season 2 – There’s a reason why this show is the best one on the SyFy Channel and keeps getting renewed.  The vampire/ghost/werewolf roommates continue to be guided by some gripping storylines as the intensity was ramped up from its inaugural season.  Starring Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath and Sam Huntington, the sophomore installment of the show continues to draw audiences in.  The episodes look great in high-def here and we get a few decent production extras.





Silver Linings Playbook6.  Silver Linings Playbook – I didn’t know what to expect when I originally saw this film, but I loved every minute of it.  It made a nice transition to the high definition format with a decent grouping of extras.  Personally, I feel Bradley Cooper should have won for Best Actor here at the Oscars.  Yes, Daniel Day Lewis is a tremendous talent (and my favorite actor), but the role of Lincoln did not come across nearly as demanding as that of Cooper’s troubled and denial-filled character.  At least Jennifer Lawrence snagged a trophy though.  Anyway, great movie, looks great on Blu-ray.



Life of Pi5.  Life of Pi (3D) – When I saw this movie at the theater, my first thought was, “WOW.”  My second thought was, “This will look great on Blu-ray!”  Sure enough, it did not disappoint.  The 3D is a nice touch, but quite honestly, I thought it could have been a little better on the disc.  I’m sure that sounds negative and some may ask why I have it this high on the list.  Believe me, this disc has strong attributes in every technical area.  Was the 3D good?  Yes.  Could it have been improved?  Yes.  With that in mind, we also have a fantastic story here heavily laced with symbolism that was exceptionally told.



The Intouchables4.  The Intouchables – This French film made my #2 overall on the cinema list last year.  The Blu-ray, though sparse on special features, breaks the top 5 on this year’s Blu-ray list.  The quality of the film’s story and acting was outstanding and deserves its place here.  With a little bit of grain and its crisp audio, The Intouchables is a great addition to this year’s library of titles.  Simply stated, I can never get enough of this film.




Star Trek - Into Darkness3.  Star Trek: Into Darkness – Man this movie was bad ass.  Wow was I surprised at how few extras were on here.  As I’m told, depending on where you bought the disc was relevant to what extras/features were on your copy.  If you’re wondering, mine came from Amazon.  Featurettes aside, this was easily one of the best movies at the cinema this year.  J.J. Abrams one-upped his previous installment in the franchise with a great story and stellar acting (pun intended).  The addition of Benedict Cumberbatch to the roster was a no-brainer.




TBBT12.  The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 – How much longer can this show go on?  Quite a while because it certainly hasn’t deteriorated in quality over the course of six years.  Season 6 was no exception as everyone’s favorite group of nerds and their girlfriends continued to thrive on great writing and brilliant comedic timing.  The behind-the-scenes extras were well done and the gag reel continued to provide laughs long after watching the season’s final episode.




Pacific Rim1.  Pacific Rim – I’ve been waiting for years for a movie like this to come out.  When it comes to giant monsters smashing buildings and stepping on people, 1998’s Godzilla was a serious let-down.  This year’s Pacific Rim was not.  Guillermo del Toro did everything right.  The giant monster-bashing jaegers and their other-worldly counterparts combined for an awesome smash fest that looked breathtaking on Blu-ray, backed up by an incredible audio track that will make any surround sound system shake in its boots.  We haven’t even gotten to the extras yet.  They were phenomenal!  This is what Blu-ray extras should be!  They were abundant!  They were in high-def!  They were of substance!  You won’t find a non-narrated 30-second featurette here in 480 resolution.  No, my friends.  You get Guillermo himself in 1080p talking about why his kaiju resemble real world animals.  You get a look at the full blown set of Mako’s dream sequence.  Hydraulics, explosives and actors, OH MY!  And that’s just scratching the surface!  I need to go back and watch them all again, because yes, they are overflowing with that much awesomeness.





21 Responses to “Gregg’s Tremendously Top 10 Blu-rays of 2013”

  1. Brian White

    I think Pacific Rim should be number 1 on everyone’s list 🙂
    Nice to see the Django steel book. That’s the one I have. Yee haw!
    I’m looking forward to finally seeing Silver Linings Playbook on Blu-ray this Christmas when I get it!
    Could not get into Life of Pi at all despite the pretty scenery.
    Biggest surprise here to me is The Intouchables.

  2. Aaron Neuwirth

    I agree that last year and the year prior had some really big releases, making it easier to make a list, but you have some good selections here. Nicely done, even if Star Trek is strangely so high, given it’s controversial Blu-ray and Dexter is even on here, given how weak the extras always are, with the show continuing to be at its worst (for me, which does not bode well for the last season I haven’t watched yet).


  3. Brian White

    Stop at Season 7 of Dexter, Aaron, if you don’t want to completely disappointed.

  4. Sean Ferguson

    I’ve only seen two of these movies on your list (Pacific Rim and Star Trek Into Darkness) so I can’t comment on your list much since I haven’t even seen those two on Blu-ray yet. This seems like an eclectic group though so congrats on keeping things varied!

  5. Brian White

    Comedies don’t come any better than Big Bang Theory! These episodes look stellar on Blu-ray! There were some grand sales for this set on Thanksgiving and BF!

  6. Aaron Neuwirth

    Oof, I’ve only seen a couple episodes of BBT and it seems like a lot of comedies come better than that…

  7. Brandon Peters

    The big question is now…how will The Intouchables find a way to make it on a 2014 Gregg Senko list? Stay tuned to WSB in 2014!

  8. Brian White

    How could someone not like BBT? That seems inconceivable from this crowd? That’s like not liking Sesame Street when you were growing up, no?

  9. Gerard Iribe

    HAHAHA @ Brandon

  10. Brian White

    Haha…I just got what Brandon said. LOL!

  11. Gerard Iribe

    I’ve yet to see one episode of BBT but have seen the porn parody of it. Does that count?

  12. Aaron Neuwirth

    For me, personally, it seems like BBT is pandering to people that have an idea of what geek culture is, rather than ones that actually know geek culture.

  13. Gregg

    Brandon, I don’t understand the Intouchables comment. It was on last year’s best cinema list, this year’s blu-ray list. Done and done. Please explain.

    Aaron, for TBBT, I think they do well with projecting the geek culture. What would you prefer they do differently?

  14. Brian White

    But they wear superhero clothes too on the show.

  15. Brandon Peters

    I was just being silly, Gregg. Not meant as a slight against you, your list or the film itself. I know you really like that movie, so I was just making a joke since it was on one of your 2012 lists and then appeared again here.

  16. Brandon Peters

    I agree with Aaron. Its a show made by people who aren’t geeks or are well versed in geek culture projecting as to what they “think” it is. Anybody make Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Superman, Batman and D&D jokes without actually knowing much about any of them. It doesn’t take a geek to do that. That’s just general pop culture knowledge. That’s easy.

    If anything its very negative toward geek culture and not a celebration of it as people seem to think it is.

  17. Aaron Neuwirth

    There’s nothing I can say they can do differently. Obviously it’s found its success and it’s just not my thing from a conceptual standpoint, so we’ll just be on different paths.

  18. Brandon Peters

    Since I contributed something negative regarding the show, I’d like to balance it with a positive. I do think the show’s cast does have a fantastic onscreen chemistry even if the humor isn’t up my alley.

  19. Gregg

    I can agree with the chemistry thing, definitely. As for projecting geek-related jokes and not knowing much about that culture, I agree with that too. I’m sure there are several interviews with the cast out there with them saying they don’t read comics, they aren’t big Star Wars or Star Trek fans, etc. Still, they do a great job of looking like they do!

  20. Brian White

    Why can’t we all just like Ghost Rider 2 and get along here?

  21. Aaron Neuwirth

    Because you add dumb comments like that, instead of something constructive 😉