And You Thought You Had a “Horrible Boss”

We have all had “horrible bosses” at one point or another during our career, haven’t we?   Well I guess I should probably be addressing the 30-something year old crowd, but I truly think this topic transcends the ages, if you ask me.  And why wouldn’t you?   I’m kind of the authority around here, am I not?  God!   I dislike pompous people.  That’s why I’m going to start this review all over again.  Are you ready?  Good!  Let’s go!  Good day ladies and gentlemen.  Today we are gathered to talk about the all too familiar topic of “horrible bosses,” oops…I mean the film Horrible Bosses.  That was better, huh?

Horrible Bosses was written by scribes John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein and directed by Seth Gordon.  The comedy film stars the always hilarious Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin Spacey, a bald Colin Farrell (LOL), Jamie Foxx and sexy vixen, complete with brunette hair, Miss Jennifer Aniston.  Ironically, unlike most women, Aniston continues to get hotter as she ages, in my opinion.  Oh no!   Does that mean I’m getting older or just my tastes.  Great!  That’s something else for me to worry about and obsess over in life now.

Upon first glance, when I was introduced to the film many months ago with its theatrical trailer, I thought to myself, not another Office Space ripoff!   Well thankfully, like more often than not, I couldn’t have been more dead wrong with my original conception/opinion of the feature.  The flick’s plot is actually pretty simple, and reluctantly, I guess you can say a little Office Space like, but I digress.  Here it is.  Are you ready for this shocker?  Three friends (Bateman, Day and Sudeikis) conspire to murder their “horrible” and disrespectful bosses (Spacey, Aniston and Farrell).  Why?  That’s also very simple.  Their “horrible bosses” are standing in the way of their happiness.  However, it should also be noted that each of the three friends/conspirers have their own unique situations as to why they want to murder their bosses.  Hilarious!   Managers around the world are probably cringing right now, huh?

So the main focus with a comedy film I measure in terms of success is whether or not I enjoyed it and did it make me laugh.  Thankfully, the film awarded me with both.  Unlike Gerard Iribe, I like to give comedy films a chance in the theater.  I think you laugh more hard when you are surrounded by a hundred people laughing as opposed to be in my man cave by myself downstairs.  Did I really say that?  Heck, I’m even comfortable with admitting the fact that I actually liked this feature more so than I did The Hangover: Part II, and for me, that’s saying a lot given my love for that franchise and the associated characters.  Perhaps, what did it for me was the chemistry of the ensemble cast.  There was not one character that stood out (besides Aniston’s breasts) above the rest, but instead, every single player formed a cohesive team that homered home the laughs with their crazy non-verbal antics, their deliveries and ultimately, their comedic timing.  It had the pale pace of Office Space, but it came at you way more rude and crude with a freshness our current workforce is accustomed to in this modern day and age of sexual harassment, office affairs and whatnot.  You didn’t get that promotion?  Well, why not kill your boss?  I’m joking people.  Loosen up.  You are going to need that sense of humor when you go see this one.  Don’t lose it now.

So here’s the lowdown.  Here’s all you need to know before I set you free to go forth and prosper.  Anniston plays the hot dentist who subjects her employee, Charlie Day, to all forms of sexual harassment.  That’s all I’m going to say about the situation, but hot damn, did it feel good seeing Jennifer play a slut.  Again, did I just say that?  LOL.  Kevin Spacey plays the monarchist boss who’s all over Jason Bateman’s character.  If you think you have it bad at work, you have to see what Jason’s character goes through.  The scrutiny is unbelievable!  Suddenly, all my work nightmares and woes didn’t seem so bad anymore.  And oh yeah, don’t piss Spacey’s character off either.  He has quite the temper.  You’ve been warned!  Colin Farrell plays the kind of character that…well…we have never seen him play before…ever…at least I have not.  He is the boss of Jason Sudeikis’ character and I forgot to mention, he’s quite the druggie too.  You see his character likes to partake in extracurricular activities that involve a certain kind of white powder.  And notice I did not preface that powder with the word “baby.”  And last but certainly not least there’s Jamie Foxx.  I won’t ruin the fun for you here.  He probably has one of the best names ever in a comedic caper.  It’s all about the delivery of the lines folks.

So there you go.  In that last paragraph alone I gave you a total of four good reasons why you need to check Horrible Bosses out this weekend.  But don’t take my word for it, do it for the people.  Do it for all the people who go to work and hate their jobs because of their bosses.  Support the masses.  I promise you.  Come Monday morning, you just might not feel so bad going into your current place of employment.  It’s all about perception folks.  It’s like seeing a third world country on a infomercial and suddenly realizing you don’t have it so bad while at the same time…laughing you’re MF a$$es off.  It’s my humble recommendation that you call your friends or that someone special in your life today and start formulating plans to make it a weekend to remember with a healthy dose of Horrible Bosses in your diet.  You can thank me later (I take both large and small bills)!


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  1. Jiminy Critic

    Saw this preview Tuesday night and laughed a lot! These guys have a good chemistry, and the humor is offensive, but done in a very funny way… Have some fun and see this…