Our Second Enchanted Conversation with Zombex’s Emily Kaye

There are a total of five people in my life that when the opportunity arises that I can talk to them openly and candidly I don’t even bat an eye or think one second about it.  I literally drop everything I am doing and feverishly indulge.  You see, when it comes to these five people, this inquiring mind has a lot to learn from them so I fine-tune my questions and I listen sternly.  Thankfully, actress Emily Kaye is one of these people I am referring to.  You want to know the other four, don’t you?  Really?  Alright.  You practically forced it out of me anyway.  They are Rob Zombie, Adam Green, Jesse Dayton and Danielle Harris.  Are you happy now?  So the real reason, once again, that we are gathered here today is to shine that bright proverbial spotlight on an actress people will be seeing a lot of very soon. This is the second time I actually got a chance to speak with her on record, the first time being here.  So it was with great joy, honor and enthusiasm that I jumped at the chance to officially talk with her again when the opportunity presented itself.  That opportunity I’m referring to is none other than her work and involvement in a little known independent horror film that’s going to take the horror community world by storm one day soon.  That feature is known as Zombex.  Mark my word.  You will be hearing that name a lot pretty soon around here.  This is just the beginning.  Let’s just say that we have not hit our apex yet around here when it comes to talking about Zombex.  Stay tuned!  But for the time being, please indulge yourself with your favorite chair, drink of choice and your purple smoking jacket as you kick back to read the second “official” enchanted conversation I had with actress Emily Kaye.  Enjoy!


Brian: How are you doing today Emily?

Emily: You’re always so incredibly cordial.  I’m super good…  Thank you J

Brian: So I see since we last talked over a year ago, things have been quite busy in your life.  What’s been going on?

Emily: Yep…  I’m very grateful. I’ve been filming movies!

Brian: Well, speaking of movies, there’s a little flick I have been hearing a lot of buzz about.  Of course, I’m talking about Jesse Dayton’s Zombex.  Can you tell our readers more about your role in this exciting feature and in general, what the film is all about?

Emily: My role in Zombex is that of a sexy and tough ex-military woman who runs her fathers’ private security company, doing special ops jobs contract jobs.  She’s very scrupled in her work and only chooses to take jobs that can actually help civilians.  Her father was the polar opposite- a war monger and profiteer.  Also, my character, Katy Ann is a burlesque dancer.  She has a dark side…


Brian: Well I know you and I have had a few offline conversations about the project, but I’m still blown away when I look at all the legendary names attached to Zombex.  You have Malcolm McDowell, Corey Feldman, Lew Temple, David Christopher and heck, even the lead singer of Slayer, Tom Ayara.  What was it like working with these, for lack of a better term; we’ll call them superstars?

Emily: I know!  It was such a rush!!!  And you know me well enough Brian to know I am HUGE metal head, so working with Tom Araya was beyond…  And of course the rest of the cast was amazing as well.  It all came together because our director, Jesse Dayton, has relationships with these people and they love and respect him.  There was definitely a mutual admiration happening between everyone on-set.

Brian: Anything crazy happen while working on the set of Zombex?  Are there any zany moments that you can recall for us?  Working with all these folks I mentioned before, there had to be at least one or two life altering moments.  Ha ha.

Emily: The crew was hysterically fun to work with.  They pulled shit all the time which brought so much great energy to set.  There were so many moments that just blew me away it would be tough to pull anything specific out.  I will say this, having zombies run at full speed out of the water at you is pretty mind-boggling.


Brian: Are there any actors that Jesse tried to secure for the film, but couldn’t get or didn’t work out?  I remember Scream Queen Danielle Harris telling me how she did not get the role of Mary Beth in Adam Green’s Hatchet and I was surprised to hear that.  While going through my own round of casting auditions and callbacks for the feature film I’m doing, I’m now savvy to how things go down or how things don’t always work out as planned.  I was just wondering if you guys had any casting heartaches with this production…maybe just that one actor who wouldn’t say yes.  But then again, how can anyone say no to you and Jesse?  Impossible!

Emily: Jesse had Mike Ness (Social Distortion) written in to the screenplay but he was unavailable due to touring. That was rough.  But John Doe (X) ended doing the job and just knocked it completely out of the park!  He was SO strong.  Also, in trying to cast the “Thea” character, there were a number of great actresses we hoped to cast but due to numerous conflicts it didn’t work out.  In the 11th hour we found our girl, Desiree McKinney, and she did a killer job. Also, we tried to cast a couple of super star rappers, but with their “legal issues”, it didn’t work out. Don’t cast rappers!


Brian: I see from all the behind-the –scenes footage on Facebook and on the official Zombex website (www.zombexmovie.com) that you guys actually filmed with Red cameras.  That is so cool.  I’m hoping to pull that off for my feature film I’m producing/directing, but we will see how the money situation is in a few months before making that final decision.  But I must say, I’m very impressed by everything I have seen!  I cannot wait to see the finished product.  However, I’m very curious.  How did the making of this film differ from any of your previous projects that you have been involved with? Does the self-financing route feel any different on set compared to the big studio films such as Sin City on your resume?  I’m assuming you are all busting your asses even harder to make this the best possible product, but you are my eyes and ears here.  I live vicariously through you.  Only you can answer that one.

Emily: This was the first film I was deeply involved with and I can tell you, working on an independently funded film vs a studio film is ENTIRELY different- It’s apples and oranges. The level of commitment is huge when you fund independently.  You become involved emotionally as well.  Not just as an actor but in the well-being of everyone on set.  And, of course, the success of the film is everybody’s focus.  If the film succeeds, it becomes your calling card.

Brian: Alright, I’m going to ask this because I’m a huge Adam Green fan and I immensely enjoyed his Hatchet films that are filmed on location down in the swamps of Louisiana.  How was it filming in Louisiana?  It’s my understanding that you actually brought over some of Robert Rodriguez’s crew from Texas.  Is that true?

Emily: We worked with Hawgfly Special Effects and they’ve worked with Robert Rodriguez on a few films.  They are the best in Texas without a doubt.  They were unbelievably professional and worked SO hard.  They were intrinsic to Zombex.  New Orleans brings a magic to any film, but in particular to Zombex due to the story really centering around the city and Hurricane Katrina.


Brian: I’m not sure if you are allowed to talk about this, but what are the plans for distribution of the film?   When and where is the movie’s premiere?  I want to be there!

Emily: Zombex has offers on the table.  We need to get the post-production in the can and we can then talk further about that.  Zombex will have world wide distribution.  This is as much I can say now.


Brian: So when Zombex is all said and done, what’s next for Emily Kaye?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Emily: Haha!  I am working with a new agent and am redoing my head shots and reel.  I’m ready for the next killer film!  At the moment, I am supervising the post production for Zombex.  I might direct a short film as well…

Brian: I know about your home life and extracurricular activities, but our readers don’t.  When you are not acting or shaking it on stage with Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures, how does Emily Kaye unwind?

Emily: We have 2 Labradors, so I love taking them on trail walks/ runs.  We swim too!  Also, I go out dancing at least 3 times a month.  And it’s like a bloody marathon…  3-4 hours straight!  I can’t get enough!


Brian: From your 5:30 AM, I can’t sleep, Facebook training posts; I know you frequent the gym quite often.  I mean, look at you, that much is obvious!   What’s the secret?   How do you keep yourself so incredibly fit with your busy lifestyle?

Emily: I am an obsessive exercise freak.  I can’t run enough, swim enough or do enough yoga.  As I write this, I’m suffering from a nasty case of plantar fasciitis which hurts like crazy.  It’s from over use and too much running.  Major bummer…


Brian: I’m sorry to hear that.  I have suffered from that in both heels and I can attest to the fact that it’s not fun.  The best thing I found to do was just get out there and run the pain away as stupid as that sounds.  But honestly Emily, I don’t think I can have this conversation without asking you a question I’m personally dying to know about.   Tell me; will there be another Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures album and tour?  I got to know!

Emily: Tough to say.  The demand is so there but finishing Zombex is most important.  That record and that tour with Rob Zombie was utter perfection.  It was a great moment in time and honestly, I think it’ll be tough to top that.


Brian: I understand.  In fact, the whole reason I met you in the first place and how our paths crossed is because of that man, Rob Zombie.  So I have to ask, are there any future plans for you or Jesse to ever collaborate or work with the brilliant (and I mean that on so many levels) Rob Zombie in anyway, whether it’s music, film or whatnot?  I’m just super curious!

Emily: Rob is such a prolific dude on so many levels.  I can say that there is nothing definitive on the horizon, but with Rob, you know when you know.  You know? Hehe.


Brian: Are you a fan of Rob’s new Woolite commercial?

Emily: Yeah!  It’s INSANE!


Brian: Well I’m sure I took up enough of your time so I’m going to go out with a proverbial bang, like only I can do, and drop this heavy open-ended douse of a question on you.  You ready?  What else should your fans and our readers know about you?  When you leave your legacy behind on this planet, what would you want the world to know about who the real Emily Kaye is/was?  What makes you tick and matters the most to you?   Sorry, that’s like three heavy open-ended questions (the Earth’s gravitational pull must have just shifted).  I know, you hate me, huh?

Emily: I only have love for you Brian!  Wow… I will say that the past 2 years have been amazing and collaborating with a guy like Jesse has been the catalyst.  Keeping ego out of business is key for me.  Being honest and working from a place of humility is what keeps me grounded.  I can’t stand people who crave credit.  I like to earn my stripes and prefer to succeed quietly.  And in working on the films I have the past 12 months, I have seen ego run amok.  And it is so ugly to me.  I just can’t imagine being “that” kind of person. So to sum it up, what matters most to me is really try and enjoy every moment and continue to work with people who love what they do, are really good at it and hopefully, have a solid footing on reality.


Brian: Well thanks again for taking the time to sit down with all our readers and me.  We all truly appreciate it.  I look forward to seeing you at the premiere of Zombex J  (hint, hint).  What’s cooking the rest of the day for you?

Emily: Thank you for the support Brian.  People like you make the world a better place!  Kick ass on your project! Today is a work day…  Zombex is my world today J


Brian: Awe.  Thanks Emily!  That means a lot to me.  I’ll be talking to you soon!


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