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Our Second Enchanted Conversation with Zombex’s Emily Kaye

There are a total of five people in my life that when the opportunity arises that I can talk to them openly and candidly I don’t even bat an eye or think one second about it.  I literally drop everything I am doing and feverishly indulge.  You see, when it comes to these five people, […]


ZOMBEX: The Revolutionary New Treatment Guaranteed to Permanently Ease Your Mind

As far as I am concerned, country western artist/rocker, Jesse Dayton, just can’t get enough of zombies.  After touring with the godfather of all zombies (IMO), Rob Zombie in 2010, word quickly spread among the Facebook community that Jesse Dayton, lead singer and guitarist of the rockabilly band Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures (see […]


An Enchanted Conversation with Mistress Clegg

Every once in a blue moon you come across some unlikely artistic pairing that just makes you wonder how the two ended up together.  The funny thing is, these odd combinations can somehow come together and pull it off.  Call it fate, call it the planets being in alignment, or just call it two different […]