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The Endless (Blu-ray Review)

For all the praise given to horror films such as A Quiet Place and It in recent months, there have been plenty of smaller voices staking a claim on the genre as well. This month just gave us Ari Aster’s brilliant debut horror film Hereditary, but we also had another very well-reviewed horror film come out the same day as […]


Silent Night, Zombie Night (Blu-ray Review)

Silent Night, Zombie Night opens in suburbia, and has the same looking opening scene in vain of Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead. It starts off all slow, with two people having a normal conversation. Seems normal, right? Not really, because one of the human’s immediately gets bitten by a zombie, followed by a hilarious […]


ZOMBEX: The Revolutionary New Treatment Guaranteed to Permanently Ease Your Mind

As far as I am concerned, country western artist/rocker, Jesse Dayton, just can’t get enough of zombies.  After touring with the godfather of all zombies (IMO), Rob Zombie in 2010, word quickly spread among the Facebook community that Jesse Dayton, lead singer and guitarist of the rockabilly band Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures (see […]