ZOMBEX: The Revolutionary New Treatment Guaranteed to Permanently Ease Your Mind

As far as I am concerned, country western artist/rocker, Jesse Dayton, just can’t get enough of zombies.  After touring with the godfather of all zombies (IMO), Rob Zombie in 2010, word quickly spread among the Facebook community that Jesse Dayton, lead singer and guitarist of the rockabilly band Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures (see one our interviews with him here), was heading down to Louisiana to direct his original screenplay, Zombex.  Now I don’t know about you, but anything pertaining to zombies or vampires in this day and age seems to be indisputable gold right now so you got to strike while the fire is still burning.  And that’s exactly what Jesse is doing in directorial debut.  I mean how cool is this?  “Zombex will be shot as a low budget feature horror movie with the most talented young crew (part of directors Robert Rodriguez and Richard Linklater’s crew) from the Austin Film scene.” Now I really have to pick Jesse’s brain one day again.  Just imagine the wealth of knowledge that lives within it.

I was impressed with Jesse as a musician when I first saw him live in November of 2009 (see our review here).  Then after learning all I could about the man and his beautiful significant other, Emily Kaye (see our interview with her here), I was blown away by the sheer talent that encompasses this man.  Like Rob Zombie, this guy has his hands in everything and he’s just not good at what he does, he’s GREAT (like Tony the Toger would say)!  And are you ready for this?  If the crew he is working with didn’t make you cream your pants (like it does for an aspiring filmmaker like myself), then wait until you hear the names that headline the cast.  How do you do it Mr. Dayton?  Horror classic icons Malcolm McDowell, Sid Haig and Corey Feldman star alongside David Christopher, Lew Temple, Emily Kaye (I hear this beautiful temptress is really good in this) and Tom Ayara (lead singer from Slayer…how cool is that?).

I can talk for hours over how excited I am over this project, but I’ll spare you the grief of having to hear me ramble anymore.  Instead I’m going to share with you the official press release of Zombex, that his publicist was nice enough to share with me (thank you sweetheart), and some really cool links to check out in the meantime to get you salivating for more.  I, for one, can’t wait for the official trailer.  Jesse told me a few weeks back that the footage has been very well received thus far so I’m ecstatic to see just about anything the man has to share in the near future.  Don’t fret!  You have not heard the last of Zombex here on Why So Blu.  I have a feeling we will be providing you with some really kick-a$$ coverage in the near future.   Stay tuned!


Actors include popular horror film classics Malcolm McDowell, Sid Haig and Corey Feldman. Also starring David Christopher, Lew Temple, Tom Ayara (lead singer from Slayer) and Emily Kaye in an ultra low budget SAG production.

AUSTIN, TX — 2011 will add another Zombie cult classic flick to the ever-popular horror genre with Jesse Dayton’s “pharmaceutical-conspiracy-theory-zombie-slash-up” film, Zombex. May 2 marked the beginning of production in East Texas for this ultra low budgeted thriller, being made for $225,000.  The production will travel from East Texas to New Orleans and head back to Austin, TX where it will wrap on May 29.

Pittsburg, TX kicked off production with Malcolm McDowell, Corey Feldman and Lew Temple in an abandoned Hospital. Malcolm is no stranger to horror, appearing in everything from Clockwork Orange to Halloween. Corey Feldman (Lost Boys) portrays Dr. Jamison, Lew Temple (The Devil’s Rejects) stars as DJ Aldous Huxtable, while David Christopher (The Sinner) appears as Charlie Thibideaux. Rounding out the cast is Slayer’s lead singer, Tom Ayara, Emily Kaye, and Desiree McKinney.

Zombex is a throw-back zombie horror film set in historic New Orleans, using a pharmaceutical company as the culprit for outbreak, a private military contracting firm as the clean up, and a caravan to Austin Texas as the only hope for a vaccine. With the feel of the old classic zombie films that established the genre (Zombie, Dellamorte Dellamore), mixed with the energy and intensity of the new wave zombie films, such as 28 Days Later, The Crazies, and the new Dawn of the Dead, Zombex pulls from a wide variety of inspiration to construct this unique and wholly original view of the post-apocalyptic zombie America. The story follows Charlie Thibideaux, a locally famous Zydeco player, as he slowly begins to discover why seemingly normal people are starting to turn into the undead, with all signs pointing to a new experimental drug given to post-Katrina survivors.

The production team includes Karma Montagne, Marissa Garrison, Brad Montessi and Jesse Dayton from eleven:11 Entertainment, Workhorse Productions and Hardcharger Films.

Click here to read the Director’s Statement about the film: http://zombexmovie.com/?page_id=6

Jesse Dayton is no stranger to the spotlight. Currently starring in the stage production of Ted Swindley’s “Becoming Kinky….Life According to Kinky Friedman,” the team was able to arrange the play’s dates to allow for the filming of this movie. Jesse has also appeared in Rob Zombie’s Halloween as “Captain Clegg” and subsequently put out an album as Clegg as well as touring around the country opening for Rob Zombie. Jesse also released his classic country, two-steppin’ record, “One For The Dance Halls,” at the beginning of 2011 which is an ode to his “Solid Chrome” dancers at the legendary Broken Spoke in Austin.

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