Kiss Of The Vampire – 2016 Universal Edition VS 2020 Scream Factory Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Time again for a round of comparing some screen shots. This finds us taking a look at the transfers from the new Scream Factory Collector’s Edition of Kiss of the Vampire against the 2016 Universal Hammer Horror 8-Film Collection release. That particular one shared a disc with another film, whereas Scream Factory’s it does not. Below are 10 shot comparisons between the two. I’ve decided to not include any captures from the 1.66:1 presentation on the Scream Factory disc and just use the more direct comparison of the 1.85:1 since that how it was presented on the Universal release.



You can find my full review of the Scream Factory Collector’s Edition release HERE.

The Scream Factory edition has done a new 2K transfer on the interpositive. There were no details provided for the transfer on the 2016 Universal release. At first glance, the Universal one looks washed out and appears to have the brightness a bit too high. It also is a bit too dark in some of the outdoors sequences. The Scream Factory one is warmer and much darker, but more well refined with good color saturation and the colors appearing more striking and bold as a result. Images 5 and 9 are good examples of how they each take on a new feel and look. It also looks to be brighter in the nighttime sequence and showcases much more information. The final image in the comparison is pretty telling.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

Example 8

Example 9

Example 10

If you prefer the first image of each comparison, you can find it in the Universal Hammer Horror 8-Film Collection, which you can order below.

If you fancy the bottom image, then pre-order yourself a copy from the following link. Release date is July 21st.


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