Proof The “Lost” HALLOWEEN: H20 Commentary Is Actually Happening This Time For Upcoming Blu-ray Set!

Halloween Complete THUMBDoes anybody own the old Halloween: H20 DVD that came out back in 1998?  You know, the one that was set in 4:3 Letterbox and included the worthless bonus features of ‘Trivia’ and a Creed music video?  On the back of that box it said there was a commentary with Jamie Lee Curtis and Steve Miner.  On the disc however, no such thing existed.  Forever, people wondered what happened to it.  Why was it scrapped?  Is it laying around here somewhere?  Would it pop up on the Blu-ray…nope…they can’t even get the correct framing on that thing.  Apparently that commentary was never recorded.  BUT, thank you Scream Factory (they’re doing the bonus, not Anchor Bay)!  It’s going to happen and be moderated by horor community fan favorite Sean Clark.  This is pretty big too, as Steve Miner doesn’t like to do commentaries.  As proof that this isn’t like last time, Anchor Bay has sent along a photo!  Cannot wait for what will likely be the best Blu-ray release of the year (in my eyes)!  Oh, and I also included a photo of the back of the DVD case to show you guys I’m not off my rocker on that.

Halloween H20 DVD back

Halloween H20 Commentary


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2 Responses to “Proof The “Lost” HALLOWEEN: H20 Commentary Is Actually Happening This Time For Upcoming Blu-ray Set!”

  1. Aaron Neuwirth

    Well that’s cool.

  2. Tony Todd

    Damn! Thank u Shout and thank u Mr Miner And Ms Curtis. Bout time!!