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Halloween: The Complete Collection, Deluxe Edition – Disc 15 (Blu-ray Review)

While Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers and Halloween: H20 have been given new “Collector’s Edition” style discs in this new Blu-ray set, the previously released Anchor Bay and Scream Factory titles remain relatively the same editions as you can buy standalone.  That didn’t stop them from putting additional features for those movies in Halloween: […]


Proof The “Lost” HALLOWEEN: H20 Commentary Is Actually Happening This Time For Upcoming Blu-ray Set!

Does anybody own the old Halloween: H20 DVD that came out back in 1998?  You know, the one that was set in 4:3 Letterbox and included the worthless bonus features of ‘Trivia’ and a Creed music video?  On the back of that box it said there was a commentary with Jamie Lee Curtis and Steve Miner. […]