SDCC 2015: Doctor Who

SDCC 2015Chris Hardwick from The Nerdist sauntered onto the stage in Hall H to introduce the cast of Doctor Who which included: Peter Capaldi (The Doctor) Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) Michele Gomez (Missy) and last but certainly not least Steven Moffat writer and producer of Dr. Who — we all know his work doesn’t stop there. If your a Sherlock fan you have his talents to thank as well. If you’re me that’s a whole portion of my life, I digress.

Chris Hardwick was the perfect interviewer for this panel and embodied the spirit of a true Whovian. He asked the appropriate questions and like most in the Doctor Who Fandom did not hold back on fervent declarations of love for such and such plot lines in such and such episodes. That almost makes it sound as if he was all over the place but he wasn’t. He made the panel accessible to non-Doctor Who lover’s but only by a little, and I thank him for that. Waiting in line for that many hours, I think we deserve some inside jokes to say the least — and forget explanations of Daleks or what it means when a Doctor regenerates (high five if David Tennant’s regeneration slayed your heart into a thousand pieces).

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Alas, this day is not about our beloved tenth doctor Tenant but now our twelfth, Peter Capaldi. This was his first ComiCon and he could have fooled me! He was one cool cat and eloquent as ever. He mentions at one point that when he did his first cameo, not sure that he was being invited back to the show seasons to come, he asked to see the Tardis on set and when he did it brought tears to his eyes. TEARS TO HIS EYES. What?! I heard this then I had tears in my eyes! What happening here? What’s better than someone playing the Doctor who loves the Doctor just as much as an adoring fan. Nothing. My god let’s keep going.

We all love the tonal shift of season 8 and Capaldi’s brooding more mysterious Doctor, as said by the panel we expect to see more of this in Season 9. Followed by a tragedy in the end of season 8, Jenna’s character Clara is expected to throw a little more caution to the wind and hurtle head first into space and time. Michelle Gomez was purely fantastic and just as hilarious in the most perfect way as her character Missy. Michelle sums up the differences between her and the Doctor in one swift sentence and that is, “we both kill a lot of people, he feels bad about it, I don’t.” Well said Master!

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At this point I will mention the exclusive trailer shown that was spectacular and shows DW to be airing September 19th. The special effects seem to be getting better in Doctor Who, not that they ever really bothered me, in fact I thought they were sweet, but there’s a polished look to season 9. Maisie Williams made a cameo as well and Steven mentions her being up to some stuff in this next season, whatever that means I am into it! All in all a fantastic panel yet again from Hall H. Let’s see what they bring us tomorrow!







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