SDCC 2015: Hunger Games Panel

SDCC 2105The Lionsgate Panel truly delivered when it came to Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2. The panel started with four men in white military style suits banging on drums very dramatically. They started to filter down the aisles and the hall filled with loud rhythmic drumming that started as soon as it stopped and Hall H went black. A small message hit the screen saying,”Stand by for a message from District Thirteen.” The crowd which was deathly quiet started to tingle and cheers started to erupt. The Drumming that was previously playing blared through speakers and the crowd was ecstatic!

After the initial excitement the lights came up and Conan O’brien graced the stage as our emcee for this panel. He riled up the audience and greeted us in such a lovely manner. He reminded us to check in on #Unite as well as #MockingJayPart2 done and done. Conan introduced first the Director Francis Lawrence who directed both this and previous Hunger Games films followed by Producer Nina Jacobsen, shortly afterwards Willow Shields (Primrose), Liam Hemsworth (Gale), Josh Hutcherson (Pita), and last but certainly not least Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen) ladies and gentlemen a truly wonderful panel.

Needless to say the crowd greeted the panel whole heartedly and there is a lot of love in the room currently. The panel was so gracious for the love of their audience and when it came time to answer audience questions, the audience never forgot to soulfully thank the cast for being here. There’s definitely a feeling of resolution between the adoring audience and wonderful panel as the Hunger Games journey comes to an end.


Can I stop for a second and say these people are the most lovely people, crowed and panels alike, and I’ve never felt so much love in a room. Cheesy I know but if I could live in a moment and place it would be this one.

The cast talked about the last days of filming and mentioned that there were a couple of pretty emotional moments. Jennifer Lawrence spoke about simply holding her cast members for an hour and later sleeping like puppies. Don’t read too far into that. Nina wanted to ensure that the film satiated the audiences core love of the major themes in the books. There’s a fine balance to be respected there.

Not to soon after this a treat was set before us. Twice. The full trailer for Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2 was played. It was action packed with Katniss and crew finally above ground fighting the capital. I don’t want to ruin it but the bass sure did make me feel as if I was a part of the action. No doubt, the crowed roared when the lights came up.

Audience member questions for the panel were in similar taste as far as how the actors connected with their characters and what they took away from these films. The answers were well thought out, an occasional sweet stumble by Jennifer Lawrence (who was constantly apologetic when she didn’t need to be) the panel answered questions together. As I said before it was they were full of gratitude we were full of gratitude and emotions were had by all.


Jennifer Lawrence spoke about Katniss’s journey, Hutcherson talked about Pita’s road to recovery, Liam spoke of Gales further involvement in the last movie, and Prim talked about how her character starts to almost take on a parental tone over Katniss in this last movie. It was truly wonderful.

I’m excited, you’re excited and if you’re not yet, get excited for Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2




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