Skyline Sound & Cinema Rooftop Series ‘I, Tonya’ w/Tonya Harding In Person – A Photo Tour

Recently the Alamo Drafthouse (which will have an LA location in the future!) and The Bloc (a new awesome open-air plaza where Drafthouse LA will be hanging its hat hopefully soon!) have teamed up to provide downtown Los Angeles fans with an unforgettable outdoor movie watching experience they have titled the Skyline Sound & Cinema Rooftop Series.  Taking place atop the roof of the famed Bloc at Flower and 7th, the very cool series which features local food venders and special event extras is vast becoming a must see ticket event. (Their first one featuring the Hugh Jackman music extravaganza The Greatest Showman was a blast and the next few features include The Princess Bride and iconic Die Hard!)

Their most recent of the outdoor screening series is the Neon distributed flick I, Tonya complete with the real Tonya Harding in person for a full Q&A – a rare event indeed.  So once yours truly got the full invite to attend and also spend some casual mixer time with Tonya before the event, it was time to head out to The Bloc for some film fun.  And since by very cool boss Brian White cannot make LA events, I thought instead of an article I would boast a very detailed photo tour to give the sights and sounds of the evening for those like Brian who could not attend.  So time to head out and see some flicks and photos – Skyline style!

Downtown Los Angeles at Flower and 7th – this is the place!

Finally there’s definitive indisputable signage that points to the location of the seemingly illusive Drafthouse LA!

I sense we’re getting closer….


We’re on the rooftop in a special section – the view. (Part 1)

The view. (Part 2) Don’t look down!

Drinks are served as we await the evening’s special guest.

The real Tonya Harding arrives – and is gracious as ever taking a pic with me.

Onto the screening roof where food and fun begins…

Is that popcorn I smell?

Gourmet s’mores via the Artisan Crafted experts at S’Moreology. Does it get any better?

How about a little creative pizza?

Gelato and sorbet would hit the spot on such a hot day!

As would some Schwarma and all the fixins!

Live music by Ray Little soothes the savage cinema crowd!

Until it’s time for a little pre-movie Q&A fun with Tonya and moderator Amy Nicholson.

And finally – it’s movie time! (Till the next one!)


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  1. Brian White

    AMAZING! If I could have only been a fly on the pizza box for this one! Thanks so much for the images, Jason! I’m jelly!