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Skyline Sound & Cinema Rooftop Series ‘I, Tonya’ w/Tonya Harding In Person – A Photo Tour

Recently the Alamo Drafthouse (which will have an LA location in the future!) and The Bloc (a new awesome open-air plaza where Drafthouse LA will be hanging its hat hopefully soon!) have teamed up to provide downtown Los Angeles fans with an unforgettable outdoor movie watching experience they have titled the Skyline Sound & Cinema […]


Gerard’s “They Saved the Best for Last” Top 10 Films of 2017

They saved the best for last, that’s why I’m last. It was a great year for movies and a shame that I couldn’t include more than what’s already included, but my Top 10, give or take, of 2017 is a nice and hearty list. A fellow reviewer from a different website used a cool word […]


Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Five New Indie Titles (w/Bonus 5-Star Short Link!)

The year is closing down, but that doesn’t mean the indie film fare train is in anyway starting to cinematically slow down.  (Aka there is life besides end of year Oscar fare film freaks!)  Teen detective stories, road racing outings, wild bio-pics, women in the wasteland and cheaters getting their due all make up the […]