‘The Equalizer 2’ Delivers More of The Same R-Rated Brand of Vigilante Justice (Movie Review)

The Equalizer 2 Movie ReviewThe Equalizer 2 brings warm feelings to my heart much like how Jar Jar Binks felt seeing Padme again in Episode 2.  Words cannot describe how overjoyed I am not only seeing The Equalizer 2, but the fact that it was even made in the first place.  The critics were pretty split on the first one, but as you can see here that wasn’t the case with yours truly.  I flipping loved everything about it!  I just thought the meh word of mouth on the first one would have killed any chance of a sequel much like everyone ruined things for the Justice League.  Whoah I just immediately went there, huh?  Strong accusations.  Ha ha.  I’m sorry and I digress.  Let’s get back on topic.  Perhaps the only thing I instantly don’t like about The Equalizer 2 is the movie title itself.  I mean how long did they spend thinking about that name?  What’s the third one going to be called?  The Equalizer 3?  Ha ha!  Nevertheless, retired CIA Agent Robert McCall is back and I couldn’t be happier about that.  Let’s chat!

The Equalizer 2 is directed once again by Antoine Fuqua making this his third go around with Denzel Washington.  Believe it or not it also marks the first time Denzel Washington has ever starred in a sequel to one of his films in his near four decade career.  This particular sequel is obviously to the 2014 film The Equalizer, based on the TV series of the same name.  In addition to Denzel Washington the film stars Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders, Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman.  This time out though it’s very personal for retired CIA agent Robert McCall when he sets out  on a path of revenge after one of his closest friends is killed.

This time out we find Robert McCall still dealing with the grief of his deceased wife, but adjusting to new scenery as a Lyft driver.  This disguise is of course absolutely brilliant as it not only gives Robert a chance to meet and socialize with new people, but also gives him a reborn purpose.  You see they don’t call him the “Equalizer” for nothing.  As a Lyft driver Robert oversees and hears a lot of things other drivers would just look the other way from, but not our protagonist here.  After he drops his grieving riders off he takes matters into his own hands.  What’s interesting about where we find Robert at in this second journey is how he’s slowly becoming less and less forgiving of others and just handing out punishment more freely.  I really like that about him!

The Equalizer 2 Movie Review

Now is The Equalizer 2 as good as the first film?  No!  Very few sequels are ever as good as the first one and besides, this one does not have “Empire” in its title.  However, I do feel the critics are being overly harsh on this one.  It’s a very slow moving at times and I get it that those that want Mission: Impossible style action aren’t going to get that from here.  What you will get though is rich character development and a deeper appreciation of what makes our main man tick, the kind of sensitive, caring yet dark, disturbing nature that Denzel embodies the character of Robert McCall with and makes him so damn interesting.  This one is so personal and raw, but you can’t help falling in love with Robert’s character and the inspirational/motivational way he cares about everyone who needs a little help.  He makes me want to be a better man if I wasn’t so damn busy working.  It’s a little cliche, but there’s a very heart touching side story involving an elderly gentlemen Robert helps out.  However, I could do with the same old kid story again here.

Yes The Equalizer 2 is literally just more of the same from the first one (even Harry Gregson-Williams returns for scoring duties), but I can truly never have enough of McCall’s brutal yet compassionate form of geriatric vigilante justice.  From busting someone’s skull or ripping someone’s innards out to showing a kid from the neighborhood how to appropriately prime and paint exterior brick walls he always has me at hello.  This one is all story and very light on the action, but holy hell am I looking forward to the hurricane centric Act 3 on my home media setup.  The waves crashing and rain falling is going to sound amazing.  And try this on all you haters, it looks like at the time of this writing that The Equalizer 2 stole the box office from the new Mamma Mia!, which opened this weekend too.  No one saw that coming.  Give me this R-Rated form of vigilante justice any day because nothing in my opinion diminishes Denzel’s overall star power.  The visceral kill scenes alone make this one well worth it.

So just like the first one, your results may vary here.  Tread cautiously from yours truly.

The Equalizer 2 Movie Review



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