The Losers Come Out Ahead

thelosers_l201002011156From the moment I saw the trailer back in January, I was instantly convinced that The Losers was going to be a fun-filled action flick with moments of over-the-top action, a little naughty Saldaña, and a whole lot of happy triggers.  Now it’s three months later and opening weekend for the film and as for all those assumptions I made back in January, they were pleasingly true.

Hailing from the pages of DC Comics, the movie follows five operatives, collectively known as the Losers, who seek a little vengeance on a mysterious man of power back in the States who simply goes by the name Max.  Why the anger toward someone the Losers don’t even know?  It just so happens that Max is a sellout whose actions nearly (and intentionally) cost the special ops platoon their lives.  That’s where Zoe Saldaña comes in and adds a little spice to the gun-toting five-some.

The Losers

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey’s Anatomy; The Watchmen) plays Clay, the seasoned leader who guides his group on their death-defying missions.  Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) is Jensen, the team’s communications guy and general tech geek.  Columbus Short (Death at a Funeral) assumes the demolitions duty of Pooch while Idris Elba (The Unborn) is the blade-wielding Roque, and last but certainly not least, let us not forget Oscar Jaenada as Cougar, the man behind the Barrett .50 caliber.  Combine all these guys and what do you get; some decent team chemistry that is beautifully agitated by the addition of Saldaña’s character, Aisha.

You will find a fair amount of sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humor in the film, specifically highlighted by Chris Evans in his goofy t-shirts and Journey moment as well as Jason Patric as the heartless bad guy.  Go fish.  The film is fluidly carried from beginning to end with its aforementioned moments of humor that had both me and the rest of the audience laughing throughout.  The action is attention-consuming and the acting had to have been at least good enough, or else that convincing chemistry I mentioned would have never gotten off the ground.

Jensen from The Losers

My only real beef with the film is a small one but is something that bothered me with the G.I. Joe movie as well; the vehicles were wrong.  In G.I. Joe, the good guys drove civilian-grade Hummers in the field. In The Losers, we find a U.S. fighter pilot flying what appeared to be either a French Mirage or a Russian Mig-21, while the U.S. also used some kind of personnel transport helicopter that was neither a Black Hawk, a Chinook, or a Huey.  Maybe what I was looking at was a U.S. military chopper, but I know my military vehicles fairly well and details like this are a distraction to me.  Then again, most of the public probably isn’t going to recognize these things or cause them to take off points for the film’s overall presentation.

In the end, The Losers is a fun, action-juiced movie that does not require a lot of thinking.  The explosions are big, the bullets are many, and the plot is straight to the point.  As for its relation to the comic book that spawned the film, I cannot say how close it stuck because I have never read the book(s).  However, one fellow audience member did say they were night and day.  For me, that wasn’t a deal-breaker, so The Losers gets a recommendation from this writer to see it in the theater.


The Losers poster wide



4 Responses to “The Losers Come Out Ahead”

  1. Brian White

    I think you, a reviewer from AICNs and me are the only 3 critics that have anything positive to say about this film 🙁 I liked it for what it was. It did not pretend to be anything other than a good time.

  2. Gregg

    Wow, really? The movie was decent. I thought Chris Evans was awesome in it and the movie had some really good action. I’m on the fence in regard to buying it on Blu-ray when the time comes but if the price is decent enough, I’m game.

  3. Brian White

    Yeah. I liked it. Especially the scenes with Zoe and Evans, but I think I will skip it on Blu-ray until it’s like 9.99 or something.

  4. Paul

    I thought this movie was great. Like stated above, it was straight to the point. It detailed the characters very well in the beginning by showing their character(Rushing in to save the children, even giving them their only ride out.) All of the characters were fun, and not overly emotional “You don’t know my life” whiner’s like they put in most movies these days; even the action movies that used to be the safe ground for this type of thing. Personally, I thought the entire movie was great. As did the entire group of people that came to see it with me. Long story long, this is another movie that’s never going to get it’s day because Ebert was too busy crying over “Atonement” again to pay attention.