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The Losers Come Out Ahead

From the moment I saw the trailer back in January, I was instantly convinced that The Losers was going to be a fun-filled action flick with moments of over-the-top action, a little naughty Saldaña, and a whole lot of happy triggers.  Now it’s three months later and opening weekend for the film and as for […]


The Losers are Really Winners IMO

Don’t let the movie’s name deceive you.  If you are looking for a wild romping good time this weekend with no brain power required, then look no further than your local cinema to check out Dark Castle’s adaptation of the Vertigo and DC Comics comic book series of the same name, The Losers.  The film […]


Brian Enjoys Talking About Death at a Funeral

I went into Wednesday night’s screening of Death at a Funeral with a bad attitude.  My day was lackluster.  It was one of those days you just simply eek through life and would rather forget.  So long story short, I went into the preview screening already expecting to hate it.  That’s always a bad thing […]