The Spirit Blu-ray

Today was a slow day in the world of Blu-ray news so I would like to spice it up a bit with a movie I am fairly excietd for to come out on the Blu-ray format.  I may be in the minority here, but nonetheless I will be thrilled to own The Spirit on Blu-ray upon its release date of April 14th.  As you can see below, we have the full press release from lionsgate outlining the story of The Spirit and all the bonus features of the exciting Blu-ray release.  Who is with me here?  I know not everyone is going to care for this movie, but if you somewhat like Sin City I encourage you all to give this a try. And now I present to you, my fellow readers, the full press release below from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  Enjoy!

Pre-order your copy of the Spirit, today with Amazon’s Pre-order Price Guarantee and know that 1% of your purchase will go directly to making a difference in the life of a child at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  To pre-order the Spirit, click on the link below.

The Spirit Blu-ray Disc and 2-disc Special Edition DVD contain thrilling bonus materials including multiple featurettes, an alternate storyboard ending with cast voiceovers and feature film audio commentary by the screenwriter/director and producer.  They both also feature a standard definition digital copy of the film.  The Blu-ray Disc will contain an additional featurette not found on the DVD.  The Spirit Blu-ray also marks the debut of the first LIONSGATE LIVE enabled title for the studio. LIONSGATE LIVE is a unique BD Live based menu system that delivers updateable exclusive content such as commentaries, games, ringtones, wallpapers, trailers and much more via a series of on-screen notifications and widgets.  In addition, LIONSGATE LIVE will continually notify users to any new features across all Lionsgate BD Live titles.  LIONSGATE LIVE will be available on select theatrical titles throughout 2009.  The Blu-ray Disc also features Molog, which allows users to insert and animate shapes, text, audio and other graphics right into the film as well as post “blogs” about the film to share with other registered MOLOGusers.   The standard one-disc DVD of The Spirit will include a Widescreen and Full Screen version of the film and the theatrical trailer.  



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