TnT Presents ‘Child’s Play’ & ‘A Christmas Treat’ (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

Child's Play - A Christmas TreatThis one is sort of an abnormal review.  Not only is it a hybrid, a review coverage of both a Blu-ray and DVD, but also it’s a bit unorthodox the way in which I’m going about tackling this.  There’s no grading system employed here.  This one’s pure entertainment!  And let’s face it, there’s nothing new you or I can say about Tom Holland’s Child’s Play.  It’s quite simply one of the most iconic and classic horror films in the slasher genre.  And what about A Christmas Treat?  What about it?!  For those in the know (more about that below), it’s an underground cult hit that not only fueled Tim Sullivan’s career, but also planted the seeds of his trademark humor and wit in his later flicks.  So let’s do this.  I’m going to spend several paragraphs going deeper into what TnT Presents is all about and then I’m going to tackle these two releases we’re gathered here to talk about today one-by-one, complete with exclusive unboxing photos of everything you’ll find inside.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some major typing to do down below.

So let’s talk some more about this TnT Presents thing.  First and foremost, TnT Presents is a joint venture between legendary horror filmmakers Tom Holland and Tim Sullivan.  That much is evident.  The whole reason why is what I want to tackle next.  So picture this, you can’t make it to a horror convention to meet these legendary folks?  Maybe even worse, like me, you don’t currently reside in the City of Angels where the duo make a plentiful appearances around the area.  So what’s a boy or a girl to do?  Ah!  Now you’re asking the right sort of questions and the answer is one of the very reasons why TnT Presents was actually founded.  Come on!  I’ll show you around.

Ask yourself this, please.  What’s the next best thing than being able to meet Tom and Tim in person and shoot the proverbial sh1t with them?  How about receiving Enhanced Editions of their masterpieces on Blu-ray/DVD that not only contain unique features such as exclusive audio commentary tracks and collectible artwork/cards, but are also personally autographed from both Tom and Tim to you in limited edition runs?!  Sounds right up my alley and I sure yours too.  So instead of dealing with the crowds in Wal-Mart or Best Buy, wouldn’t it be so much cooler to receive your films personally touched and approved with Tom and Tim’s tender loving care?  Hell, they’ll even throw in a color photograph showing them signing your own uniquely numbered product.  You can’t buy that at Wal-Mart or Best Buy, ladies and gentlemen.

So you’re probably asking what’s the catch here, huh?  Well, other than a few more extra bones than the Wal-Mart or Best Buy version, there’s really none.  It all works out in your favor!  Tom and Tim know what you the fans want.  It’s actually the same thing they would want of their own favorite films they love and adore, a kick a$$ souvenir keepsake of their favorite movie and most importantly in today’s world of buzzing social media, direct connection with the film’s creator(s).  Best of all kiddies, with support (means “purchases”) of the products these guys put together personally for you, TnT Presents is able to independently create the kind of NEW flicks you want to see made.  That’s right!  It’s all about you and giving back to you for having their backs.  Something new and exciting CAN come from all of this and in the long run, you’d be the one responsible for the magic of making it happen.  How awesome would that feeling be?!

Obviously, this is a brave, bold and new adventure for us all, the consumers and the filmmakers.  So only time will tell as to whether it’s successful or not.  If I have my say in the matter, and I’m able to help in any which way, I’d personally love to see this plan succeed and be responsible for as much a part of its success as conceivably possible.  However, that’s just my big dreams in life. You have to do what your belief system and values tell you are right.  So up next, let’s talk about how you can get your hands on these ultimate fan keepsakes.

Like most major brands in the world, TnT Presents has a presence on the World Wide Web.  To order one or both of the products we’ll discuss down below all one would simply have to do is use the web browser or vehicle of your choice and type the following in the url line: www.tntpresents.com and hit Enter or Return on the keyboard.  It’s that simple!  From there you just click on the web links that satisfy your respective inquiries and you’re off and that much closer to bringing home one of these one-of-a-kind keepsakes to feed your ever growing media collection.  Like it was when I was a kid, there’s no scrolling toll free number you have to jot down in a hurry on a television commercial.  Now tell me the truth!  Could it be any easier that that?  I think not!

So needless to say when I came home one fine day and found a white Priority Mail box addressed from New Rebellion Entertainment I immediately tore it open because I knew what was inside there.  Low and behold my pretentious grubby paws pulled out two cased items and like the famous Annabelle doll to the Warrens, these cases will be locked up in my trophy cases as well.  So feast your eyes on what I have below.

Look what I have mofo!

Look what I got

So without further ado, let’s tackle one of my most favorite slasher horror films of all-time (for so many reasons), Tom Holland’s…

TnT Presents #1: Child’s Play

Child's PlayI have many fond memories of Child’s Play from my younger years, but the one that stands out the most has to be the following page from my own personal history.  In college I dated this girl for years, who ended up being a royal beeotch in the end, but I digress.  I swear, her mom needed her own reality show.  She hooked up with this burned out drug dealer and had a kid with him despite being in her late forties.  Well anyway, this kid couldn’t have been more than four years old or so, but he absolutely adored Chucky.  Yes, that’s right, his parents let him watch Child’s Play religiously.  It was always playing every time we went over to visit.  That kid devoured the subject matter like it was Sesame Street.  So tell me world, how effed up is that?

Needless to say one day when I was in Spencer’s I spotted this life-size Chucky doll they had for sale.  The price wasn’t bad at all so I thought why not.  My girlfriend’s little brother would eat him up.  Was I ever wrong.  The look on his face when he saw Chucky in person was priceless.  I think he even pissed right there on the floor in the middle of the living room.  He was beyond frightened, probably even mortified.  He could not separate that Chucky doll at all from the mischievous and murderous one he saw onscreen.  I guess he DID NOT want to play.  That was short-lived, but it was so worth it and I’m thankful everyday that things didn’t work out with her and she’s forever removed from my life.  Good riddance, eh?  Did you like my Child’s Play story?  LOL.  Let’s get serious now.

Like I said up above, Child’s Play needs no introduction other than a quick restatement of the facts.  The film was co-written and directed by Tom Holland and released in 1988, BUT here’s the kicker!  You ready for this, ladies and gentlemen?  Although it’s been released numerous times on a plethora of different formats, no edition of this cult classic has ever featured the participation of Tom (there’s a long messy story here that I think it’s best that I don’t go into), that is until now!  So basically this edition is Tom Holland finally asking you, DO YOU WANNA PLAY?!

This “Enhanced” version of Child’s Play is limited to 2500 editions.  If that doesn’t knock it out of the ballpark for you, then here’s everything else you’ll get with TnT Presents #1: Child’s Play on Blu-ray (as also pictured below):

  • All Region UK Blu-ray edition of Child’s Play from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, complete with the standard supplements and extras this edition normally comes with:
    • Feature commentary by Alex Vincent, Catherine Hicks and Chucky designer Kevin Yagher
    • Feature commentary by Producer David Kirschner and screenwriter Dan Mancini
    • Select scene Chucky commentaries
    • Evil Comes in Small Packages: The Birth of Chucky
    • Evil Comes in Small Packages: Creating the Horror
    • Evil Comes in Small Packages: Unleashed
    • Chucky: Building a Nightmare
    • A Monster Convention
    • Introducing Chucky: The Making of Child’s Play
    • Photo Gallery
    • Theatrical Storyboards
  • Alternate TnT Presents cover sleeve personally signed by Tom Holland and the film’s stars Chris Sarandon and Alex Vincent
  • Set of 8 4×6 collectible photo cards
  • MP3 audio commentary by Tom Holland (justice is finally served) and Chris Sarandon on accompanying CD
  • Numbered & dated certificate of authenticity signed by Tom Holland and Tim Sullivan
  • 4×6 photo of Tom Holland signing the exact item you ordered


The below photos are pictures of the actual product in hand here.  You’ll notice the word Promo on the back of the Blu-ray cover art.  That’s where you the consumer would have yours hand numbered out of 2500.

Child's Play Front Cover

Child's Play Rear Case

Child's Play Blu-ray Disc

Child's Play Certificate of Authenticity

Child's Play Photos

You can visit the official webpage here to learn more about the pricing of TnT Presents #1: Child’s Play and find out how to order your own one-of-a-kind copy.


If you have a  sick, twisted and demented mind like me, then perhaps you have a favorite not so kosher go to film everywhere for the Christmas holiday.  Mine is the very vulgar and politically incorrect Bad Santa.  Every year since it’s release on Blu-ray, I pop it in the Sony PlayStation on Christmas morning.  This past Christmas morning it had three compete spins and all the extras played.  If only I had Tim Sullivan’s A Christmas Treat back then, I would’ve done things a little bit different this past Christmas.  Read on to find out why as we switch gears from Child’s Play to…

TnT Presents #2: A Christmas Treat

A Christmas TreatSo long before there was a Teenage Werebear and even before 2001’s Maniacs there was a toothly star named Santa Claws in Tim Sullivan’s Christmas vehicle, A Christmas Treat.  The 1985 short film was made by Sullivan in his final year at NYU film school and it went on to win Fangoria‘s Short Film Search that year and even found itself making an appearance on the cover of Cinematic #25.  I even read an interview in which Sullivan says that every year he gets a call from Peter Criss of KISS informing him that he just showed the short film to a new group of people and reminding how sick and demented he is.  I can’t top that kind of accomplishment in my life, can you?  You know you have made it in life when KISS calls you!

A Christmas Treat was shot on 16mm, and for years Sullivan would gift this short (initially on VHS) to friends every holiday season.  As a result, one can conclude that this has become quite underground cult hit.  So with this being my first go around with this “holiday treat” I have one word for Sullivan, TITS!  I loved it!  I did not know what to expect, but when the parents stood there at the end waving at Santa, I laughed so hard, told my girlfriend about it, and let it spin again, the B&W version of it too!

This “Enhanced” version of A Christmas Treat is also limited to 2500 editions.  So here’s everything you’ll get with TnT Presents #2: A Christmas Treat on DVD (as also pictured below):

  • All Region DVD from New Rebellion Entertainment
  • “Christmas Treat” (83) – Original Black & White version (gotta love that Steelers pennant)
  • “Jason Loves Tracy” (84) – Vampire themed early Sullivan effort (I really liked this one too)
  • Vintage intros & outros shot by then 22-year-old Sullivan in ’86 for New Jersey Public Television
  • Audio commentary track by Tim Sullivan for all three films
  • TnT Presents sleeve personally signed by Tim Sullivan
  • Set of 4×6 collectible photo pics
  • Numbered & dated certificate of authenticity signed by Tim Sullivan and Tom Holland
  • 4×6 photo of Tim Sullivan signing exact item ordered by you the customer


The below photos are pictures of the actual product in hand here.  You’ll notice the word Promo on the back of the DVD cover art.  That’s where you the consumer would have yours hand numbered out of 2500.

A Christmas Treat Front Cover

A Christmas Treat Rear Cover

A Christmas Treat DVD

A Christmas Treat Cert of Authenticity

A Christmas Treat Photos


Here’s my favorite Tim Sullivan photo ever!  Can I get an 8×10 autographed one of these please?!

A Christmas Treat - Tim Sullivan Photo

You can visit the official webpage here to learn more about the pricing of TnT Presents #2: A Christmas Treat and find out how to order your own one-of-a-kind copy.


So there you have it!  In recap…here’s the complete bundle pictured below!

A Christmas Treat & Child's Play

For those of you completely drooling over these historic horror genre releases and are interested in owning both of them, just remember this, our friends at TnT Presents has a way to save you some dough.  They are looking out for you, my fellow readers and only have your best interests in heart.  I assure you of that.  May I want to introduce you to something the duo bills as the “Double Creature Feature?”  So here’s the deal.  Listen up as it’s really very simple.  Order both Enhanced Editions depicted up above and save!  Check out the webpage here for prices and more info.

So that’s all in our very first unorthodox Blu-ray/DVD review here at Why So Blu.  I hope you like what you have seen up above.  I want to give a huge shout out and a big special thanks to Tim Sullivan and Tom Holland for allowing me the honor of tackling coverage of both these historic home media releases.  I look forward to whatever you guys are cooking up next.  Rock it!


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