Marvel’s ‘Tiger Division’ Puts Spotlight on Korean Superteam

Marvel heads to South Korea with its newest super team, Tiger Division !  Emily Kim, who wrote the Spider-Man spinoff series Silk, assumes writing duties for Tiger Division, and does a more than proficient job I might add.  As the inaugural issue states, “When South Korea needed defending, the National Intelligence Service, led by Director Ami Han, A.K.A. White Fox, assembled a team of super-powered individuals.  Taegukgi, the powerhouse who packs a punch; Lady Bright, a card-wielding sorcerer; Mr. Enigma, a street-brawling demigod; the General, a living totem; Gun-R II, a fast-talking robot; and Luna Snow, a cryokinetic pop star.”

Within issue #1, Kim’s work clearly and concisely lays the groundwork of Tiger Division to readers while leaving enough off the table to keep us guessing and wanting to learn more.  It’s a solid read and the artwork by Creees Lee (Marvel’s Voices: Identity) is visually descriptive and wonderfully detailed.

You’ll find this first book introducing each member of the team as we get an introductory glimpse into their personalities, even more so with Taegukgi as a few pages flash back to the seemingly young man as an infant during the Korean War.  While he looks 20-something, it further adds to his mysterious past and how he can look so young for someone born during a conflict that ended over 70 years ago.

Look for issue #2 to arrive December 7th!

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