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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Off Beat”

Sometimes comedy isn’t biting and caustic but contains subtlety, romance and dancing cops – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today we’re digging into the recesses of the underrated Judge Reinhold (he’s more than Beverly Hills Cop and Fast Time At Ridgemont High folks!) for a hidden gem that I actually had to rent from one of the last remaining video stores to re-watch.  (YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies and TV and Vudu – it’s virtually MIA!)  It’s a sweet tale of a good-natured dude who gets in over his head when the boogie down bug bites him.  Bank robberies, impersonating an officer, library roller skating and going to your left all in a big stage attempt to not be…Off Beat!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Shakes The Clown” + Blu-ray Review!

Killing two comedy birds with one massive dissection stone, it’s time once again for a past picture and Blu-ray combo review all in the name of a hidden gem – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! Long before such fine works as World’s Greatest Dad (proudly on my top ten list that year!) and God Bless America, actor turned writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait debuted with this nasty nifty little ditty that exposed the underground arena of clown culture.  And thanks to the good people over at Mill Creek Entertainment who have just released a 25th Anniversary Edition of said film, we’re gonna cover both the Blu-ray and the film Forgotten Friday Flick style all in one cool comprehensive column.  So join friends Binky, Peppy, HoHo, Dink, Owen Cheese and various milkman scum as we head into the intoxicating world of…Shakes The Clown!   Continue reading ‘Forgotten Friday Flick – “Shakes The Clown” + Blu-ray Review!’


Forgotten Friday Flick – “All Of Me”

Keeping the movie comedy coming we’re digging into more past picture hilarity in a bid to extend end of summer fun – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Everyone familiar with icons in the world of farcical films needs to introduction to laugh-out-loud leading man stylings of the sensational Steve Martin, but this week we’re highlighting one of his lesser-known gems that fans may have missed.  Seems an obnoxious and eccentric rich dame is looking to extend her life past death – and Martin becomes an unwitting participant.  (Isn’t he always?!)  Weird rituals, bewitching soul bowls, spoiled rich gals and one odd toilet flushing mystic provide the funny fuel for the fire in Carl Reiner’s hilarious romp…All Of Me!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “The Couch Trip”

With such heavy, deep and dark fare taking over recent past picture selections (go Cronenberg!), its time to lighten up the rest of the summer with a few lessor known comedies starting today – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  This time out we’re jumping into the mix with a few movie oddballs for a farcical film that enlists the traditional mistaken identity plotline, but uses it to maximum comedic potential.  Seems a high profile psychiatrist and his practice is in need of a temporary replacement and who better than an alleged insane man to fill the void.  Brilliant wackos, cheating lawyers, hot doctors and jelly doughnuts without the jelly make up the merry mayhem of…The Couch Trip!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “The Brood”

King of his own wild and wacky cinematic castle, David Cronenberg and a dissection of all the eerie early gems he embodies continues this week with an oddity about family that’s finger licking good – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today it’s all about the importance of kin (creepy or not!) as we explore an outing that’s thick on dread – both in tone and story.  Seems a family is being torn apart by both an unsettling doctor and some small hidden menaces in a cult driven ditty guaranteed to give you a didn’t-see-that-coming gut punch.  They may be part of your ancestral clan, but watch out for…The Brood!
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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Scanners”

We’re keeping the early creepy cinematic conundrums of Canadian auteur David Cronenberg going this week with past picture pick guaranteed to bend the mind – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Head-trips and telepathy carnage are the order of the day as we delve into a strange story about people who use their brains to do damage.  Seems a gang of both good and bad telekinesis folks are out and about and trying to do each other in – plus anyone who gets in their way.  There’s a new breed of human weapon on the market so watch out – they call themselves…Scanners!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Rabid”

Now that the looming task of taking on two film fests back to back has finally come to a close, it’s time to come back to an old friend that was merely on pause and not forgotten…welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  For the next few weeks we’re gonna concentrate on the early works of one of the oddest and most original auteur filmmakers working still today.  A master of fantastic visuals and askew stories that never ceases to amaze – filmmaker David Cronenberg!  Up for initial dissection this week is a terror tale that combines the director’s staple of sins of the flesh with the mass spread of a disease that can’t be named outright, but leaves the infected feeling rather…Rabid!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Runaway”

With the lack of big budget quality hitting the cinemas this week, wanted to positively counteract its seemingly DOA status with a old school good guys and bad guys past picture notable to provide some needed movie pleasure – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today’s tale mixes old school police investigations with a distinctive techno angle for a flick with plenty of memorable moments.  It focuses on a squad whose sole job it is to take down artificial intelligence that has malfunctioned, but they’re about to get a lesson in the real damage a mastermind of robotics can do.  Smart bombs, small heat seeking bullets, strange circuits and robotic spiders with acid for blood all make up the world of Michael Crichton’s…Runaway!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Hanna”

With Wonder Woman looking to kick a little cinematic ass this weekend, it felt right to explore a past picture with equal amounts of feisty female hand-to-hand combat but for the pint size set – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Having already covered the likes of Anne Parillaud in La Femme Nikita and Melanie Griffith in Cherry 2000 as some of my favorite movie mavens with moxie, a flick about a gal who proves that big action can come in small packages from 2011 then immediately came to mind.  It’s a tale of a child who has grown up and trained with a singular focus that is suddenly thrust out into the real world filled with love, hate and human monsters.  Think on your feet, adapt or die and check out the action awesomeness of…Hanna.

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Southern Comfort”

Having recently watched another oldie but goodie in remembrance of the late great Powers Boothe (the previous being Extreme Prejudice!), I thought why not throw it up this week to keep the tribute going – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today’s hidden gem was the first collaboration between famed Director Walter Hill and the brilliant Boothe as the two took on the dangers of the Louisiana bayou.  (Both in front and behind the camera!)  Seems a gang of ill equipped National Guardsman find themselves in the crosshairs of some very sinister swamp folks after a little not-so-harmless prank and end up fighting for their very lives.  Bravado and bullets, explosions and spear beds, killers and Cajun Cooder music all set the stage for a little unwelcome…Southern Comfort. Continue reading ‘Forgotten Friday Flick – “Southern Comfort”’


Forgotten Friday Flick – “Extreme Prejudice” (In Memory of Powers Boothe)

With the passing of the Powers Boothe this week a tribute to the iconic actor for any fan of great film is a movie must.  But since his best work in my opinion has already been given the past picture royal treatment via former movie home (see the Forgotten Friday Flick review of John Boorman’s The Emerald Forest at Starpulse.com HERE!) time for a secondary selection to give the late great actor his due – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  This week were going back to 1987 for a second cinematic collaboration between legendary director Walter Hill and Boothe (the first being the harrowing thriller Southern Comfort!) involving a Texas Ranger who finds himself face-to-face with a bad guy involved in serious drug trafficking – who is also a childhood friend.  Double crosses, harrowing heists, old west showdowns and thick levels of tough guy testosterone riddle a flick with…Extreme Prejudice! Continue reading ‘Forgotten Friday Flick – “Extreme Prejudice” (In Memory of Powers Boothe)’


Forgotten Friday Flick – “Shakedown”

To celebrate the review this week of Marco Siedelmann’s very cool and comprehensive B-movie book titled The Untold, In-Depth, Outrageously True Story of Shapiro Glickenhaus Entertainment, it seemed right to reminisce about the gold old SGE days by highlighting one of their biggest 80’s hit – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  We’re heading into tough guy territory this week for a rough and tumble tale about some dirty cops who are putting the squeeze on everybody.  It’s up to two lone moralistic buddies – the best money can’t buy – to seek the truth and kick some serious ass.  When things go wrong it’s time for a…Shakedown! Continue reading ‘Forgotten Friday Flick – “Shakedown”’


Forgotten Friday Flick – “Down Twisted” (Saturday Edition!)

A day late and a dollar short.  Okay, it is Saturday, but sometimes life happens and things get pushed.  (I’m human film fans!)  But I say better late than never and since the very engaging new doc Golan A Farewell To Cinema recently had its showing at the Beverly Hills Film Festival (see review HERE!) and was given a glowing stamp of approval by yours truly it seemed only fitting to match this weeks selection with a Golan-Globus Cannon Films hidden gem – welcome to the Saturday edition of Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today we’re digging deep into the Golan-Globus vaults for a lessor known outing (and given the B-movie Cannon catalog that’s saying something!) filled with style and on-screen sirens guaranteed to knock cinematic socks off.  (Or at least entertain!)  It’s a heist/humor combo flick about a gal whose boring life gets a lot more interesting – and a lot more dangerous.  So follow closely as the deal is about to go down but it’s going…Down Twisted!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Teachers”

Feeling strangely movie academic this week leads us to a past picture selection that helps both educate and entertain…welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today we’re hitting the books and heading to class for a cinematic story about the ups, downs and student clowns that make up one ruckus high school.  It’s a dramatic yet comically caustic look at one wild inner city institution from both the scholar and pupil perspective.  Faculty fights over the copy machine (ink will fly!), student stab wounds, teachers getting bit by undergrads and hallway streaking all in the name of standing up for yourself – and the bell hasn’t even rung yet!  We learn it all from those marvelous mentors known as…Teachers!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Turk 182!”

Since anarchy for a good cause seems to be a popular past picture theme for us, we’re keeping the bucking the system cinema going with another lesser known hidden gem – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today we’re taking on big government all in the name of a little guy who is in need of some respect.  Seems a determined young man feels his injured on the job older brother is being ignored by the powers that be and decides to do something about it.  Painting, sand blasting, bridge light adjusting and a little graffiti are all part of the raise a little hell plan of the infamous…Turk 182!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “The Park Is Mine”

Keeping the ‘gems you haven’t heard of’ theme going we’re heading into unknown territory for a tall tale filled with pure pulp pleasure – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  This week’s selection is surprisingly all about the forgotten, focusing on a former military man who goes to some drastic measures to remind people in power that selfless soldiers will not be ignored.  Featuring an iconic actor in his early days and one sensational score to boot, guns, grenades, tripwires and camouflage all work in tandem to prove that…The Park Is Mine!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Life Is Cheap…But Toilet Paper Is Expensive”

Last week fellow WhySoBlu.com critic and a movie man I admire Aaron Neuwirth suggested that my inclusion of the iconic film Apocalypse Now might not be an outing that’s all that forgotten.  (In fairness I was basing the pick on that fact that my older son had never heard of the film and we had recently watched it together – gotta school the next generation!)  So this week I’m doing my colleague proud by digging deep and doubling down with a scarce savory cinematic selection that I’m willing to bet he and my fellow cohorts have not only not seen, but may never have even heard of – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today we’re dissecting a past picture that even the director of the film doesn’t want you to see.  A quirky and controversial little gem that not only got the ire of the MPAA ratings board at the time of its 1990 release, but is a movie that the filmmaker has tried to make disappear.  An English speaking Asian courier, a soothsaying street urchin, a mysterious dark dame and a briefcase with questionable contents are just a few of the odd elements used to prove that…Life Is Cheap…But Toilet Paper Is ExpensiveContinue reading ‘Forgotten Friday Flick – “Life Is Cheap…But Toilet Paper Is Expensive”’


Forgotten Friday Flick – “Apocalypse Now”

Been sharing some quality adult movie time with my ever-growing son (who is of course named after a movie character himself!) and decided to highlight one of our recently viewed selections here for the uninitiated…and those who need a firm film reminder – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today we delve right into “the horror” of war for a journey into movie madness.  An iconic flick about an empty man trying to fill his inner void with his job – and gets more than he bargained for.  Long boat trips, high-ranking gurus, hidden tigers, playboy playmates and napalm in the morning…it’s Apocalypse Now!

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