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Edward Scissorhands – 25th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Fall in love again with the timeless classic EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and celebrate its 25th anniversary with an all-new beautifully remastered, all-new 4k transfer available everywhere on October 13. This special-edition Blu-ray™ giftset with commemorative package and Digital HD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, brings Tim Burton’s 1990 acclaimed work of art back to life […]


Foxcatcher (Blu-ray Review)

Make no mistake about it.  I wanted to see Foxcatcher for one main reason.  Never mind all the Academy Awards nominations it got.  We’ll talk about those in a minute.  I wanted to see it because for the first time ever that man I saw in the film’s trailer was not Steve Carell, but someone […]


‘Foxcatcher’ Catches The Blu-ray Fever This March

Foxcatcher is yet another film I so missed out on as it sadly didn’t come to a theater near me last year.  However, that’s all about to change very soon!  The Winner of 2014’s Cannes Film Festival for Best Director & Special Distinction Award at 2015’s Film Independent Spirit Awards will be coming home to the Blu-ray format on […]