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Heroes Rise For GOTHAM: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON Available On Blu-ray This August

In the latest season of FOX’s hit show, the power struggle in Gotham is more contentious than ever, as DC Super-Villains even more ambitious and depraved are introduced and a realignment of alliances could change the future of Gotham forever. Join Jim Gordon and his Gotham constituents as they navigate the chaos that ensues when […]


Gotham: The Complete Second Season (Blu-ray Review)

The first season of Gotham was a disappointment. Despite some commendable aspects in the form of a few unhinged performances and a definite style, the series was too all over the place with the characters and story. The second season, dubbed “Rise of the Villains”, was an improvement as far as providing the series with […]


GOTHAM: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON Available Coming To Blu-ray On August 16

Some people are really in love with Gotham and good for them, as they have a proper Blu-ray release for the second season coming tier way. From the official press release: Building on the momentum of its wildly successful first season, Gotham turned up the heat with a villain-centric second season that has elevated the series […]


Gotham: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray Review)

There was a lot of good reason to be excited about the first season of Gotham. The show is a crime-drama developed by Rome’s Bruno Heller, based on characters appearing in and published by DC Comics from the Batman universe. All of that was certainly enough to get this Batman fan excited and the mix […]


GOTHAM: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON Available on Blu-ray September 8

I have had a love/hate relationship with Gotham this past year. On the one hand it has an interesting premise and certainly tries to deliver a graphic novel experience-come to life. On the other hand, the show was plagued with tone-related issues, character problems, and more. That said, the series was entertaining enough and audiences certainly […]


Southland Returns to Primetime on TNT

If anyone has ever watched Southland, you know that this is not just another cop show.  I don’t know how else to stress the second half of that sentence.  After a brief stint on network television, TNT had the sense to pick up this dramatic series.  Southland takes place in the wonderful, yet tension-filled city […]