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DVD Roundup – 3 New Indie Titles (DVD Reviews)

Time once again to scour the DVD bargain bin to find out if there are any gems buried way down deep.  (And I don’t mean the dust bunnies either!)  These are what I refer to as quick fix flicks – they either satisfy or sour the good movie seeking cinefile and fast.  This time we’re […]


Gnomeo & Juliet 2D/3D (Blu-ray Review)

Walt Disney Studios has just released Gnomeo & Juliet on Blu-ray 3-D, Blu-ray 2D, DVD and digital download.  I was lucky enough to receive the 3-Disc Combo Pack which includes all of the options I just listed.  There is also a Two Disc Blu-ray Combo pack and One Disc DVD available. The dictionary defines cute […]


Tommy Presented w/ Original Quintaphonic Sound

 Here’s a film that in my 35 years on the planet I never made it around to seeing.  I can’t say that I am a big Who fan, but I don’t hate them either.  Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has just announced a September 7th Blu-ray release date for the classic rock opera, Tommy.  As a […]