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Shout! Factory Unveils CITY SLICKERS – Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, Available October 16th!

This October, Shout! Factory invites home audiences to saddle up for comedy gold with CITY SLICKERS: COLLECTOR’S EDITION. Riding into retail on a treasure-laden Blu-ray release, this all-time comedy classic receives special Shout Select treatment with an all-new 4K HD scan, and extras that include exclusive audio commentaries, specially-created featurettes including “Back In The Saddle: City Slickers Revisited” and […]


H.G. Well’s The Shape Of Things To Come (Blu-ray Review)

Blue Underground has deemed its next Blu-ray release to be George McCowan’s film The Shape of Things to Come (1979), starring Jack Palance, Carol Lynley, Barry Morse, John Ireland, and Nicholas Campbell. This debut Blu-ray release for the film will feature an all new interview with the film’s star Nicholas Campbell.  It will also have another […]


Compañeros / Vamos A Matar (Blu-ray Review)

Sergio Corbucci is a legendary director of Zapata Westerns, or more commonly known as “Spaghetti Westerns”.  He most notably directed the debut of the character of Django played by Franco Nero.  That film has spawn thirty some sequels over the years and drove Nero to stardom.  However, today’s film, Compañeros would be their last.  Nero wasn’t […]


Without Warning (Blu-ray Review)

For me, Without Warning is one of the most exciting releases of 2014.  No, its not Twin Peaks or Batman 1966 finally coming out, but its up there.  Had I heard much about it before this release?  No.  I really dig the fact that Scream Factory has gotten this 34 year old film that’s never […]


Sci Fi/Horror Cult Classic WITHOUT WARNING Coming To Blu-ray August 5th!

Remember on the The Final Terror spec piece when I say its cool that its coming from VHS to Blu-ray and then said there’s an even bigger deal and to “just wait”.  Today is that bigger deal.  In what I think is possibly the biggest and most important release of the summer, Scream Factory is […]


Dan Curtis’ Dracula (Blu-ray Review)

I’m pretty sure I’d never seen this version of Dracula prior to this review.  A few things seemed familiar to me, but I wasn’t sure if it was this film I was being reminded of, or just that it was the Dracula story that I knew and other similar Dracula films that were in my […]