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One of the Most Riveting Films of the Year – DETROIT Arrives on Blu-ray This December

DETROIT is a film I had plenty of praise for, despite the issues others found and it’s eventual failure at the box office. From Kathryn Bigelow, the award-winning director of The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, comes the gripping story of one of the most terrifying secrets in American history. John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) […]


Anger And Horror Abound In The Powerful ‘Detroit’ (Movie Review)

In a summer that’s already thrown us into war and pulled us out feeling optimistic enough with Dunkirk, Detroit has now come along to fuel a different, more complicated fire. Working as a war film, a hostage thriller, a horror film and a searing commentary all rolled into one, director Kathryn Bigelow isn’t here to […]


The Vague Dramatic Expression That Is ‘Collateral Beauty’ (Movie Review)

It’s strange how Collateral Beauty is almost a novel idea for a film. Somehow packing a bunch of talented actors into a film set during the December holiday season that isn’t a comedy has become a rare commodity. The film is a straight drama that holds its sincerity close to its heart, even if that […]


‘Vanishing On 7th Street’ Appears on Blu-ray May 17th

Magnolia Films is set to release Brad Anderson’s (The Machinist, Session 9, Transsiberian) on Blu-ray this May.  Vanishing On 7th Street is the story of a mysterious blackout that blankets Detroit.  Only a few strangers are left among the heaps of empty clothing, empty cars, and abandoned buildings.  They are not alone.  Evil lurks in […]