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Innerspace (Blu-ray Review)

When the e-mail for Innerspace came across my e-mail, I got pretty excited.  This is a film I hadn’t revisited since the 80s (Maybe early 90s).  Its one I remember liking quite a bit.  I believe ABC used to run this as their Sunday Night Movie for a couple years straight.  I remember really enjoying […]


Burying the Ex (Movie Review)

I haven’t seen Alan Trezza’s short film from 2008, called “Burying the Ex,” but I have seen the feature length adaptation of the same name, which Trezza also wrote, and I can tell you that it should have stayed a short. It is appropriate then, that while watching the film, I kept thinking to myself […]


LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival: Gremlins’ Director Joe Dante Q&A

While seeing How to Train Your Dragon 2 was a neat departure for the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival, it seemed fairly in line with the fest to watch a film like Gremlins on the big screen. The holiday-horror-comedy classic celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year and fans were treated to both a […]


LA Times announces 2014 Hero Complex Film Festival Lineup

So this is pretty cool.  I have been happy to attend the Hero Complex Film Festival for the past couple years and the lineup for 2014’s fest has just been announced.  For Los Angeles residents and those willing to come out for a weekend, Hero Complex will be presenting a number of very cool screenings […]


TOP 8 Werewolf Movies

So the The Wolfman is finally out, unleashed on the world and causing havoc in cinemas!  Whereas if it’s good or bad, I honestly don’t know yet (still have to see it), but in celebration of its release I thought it would be fun to explore the golden nuggets of its sub-genre.  As I mentioned […]