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The Before Trilogy And More In The Criterion Collection’s February 2017 Announcement

In February, Criterion will put out the first-ever box set of Richard Linklater’s The Before Trilogy, a three-part romance and meditation on cinematic time featuring intimate performances by Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. And that’s just one release in a month filled with extraordinary releases, including beloved films by two cinema giants: Pedro Almodóvar’s Academy […]


Finish The Day Off With Before Midnight On Blu-ray This October

One of the best films of the year is hitting Blu-ray on October 22.  Before Midnight is the third part in a trilogy from the minds of writer/director Richard Linklater and writer/stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.  It is also one of the most exciting movies about people walking and talking that I have seen.  […]


‘Before Midnight’ Completes Linklater’s Wonderful Trilogy (Movie Review)

In the midst of all of the summer blockbusters going around, I was happy to be just as thrilled by a film that involves nothing but lengthy conversations and arguments.  I am not going to be that person who tries to say that summer blockbusters are nothing compared to exquisite art house films, as I […]


NBFF Review: Le Skylab

After seeing Supporting Characters at the Newport Beach Film Festival, the next film I saw that Tuesday night was Le Skylab, written and directed by Julie Delpy.  The film is a French comedy/drama that features Delpy, among many other well cast individuals, all playing the members of a large family, gathering for a reunion of […]