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Pratt And Lawrence Are Romantic ‘Passengers’…In Spaaaace! (Movie Review)

It’s taken nearly 10 years to bring Passengers to the big screen and I’m not quite sure why. The film feels like an easy sell. Get two A-list stars together for a romantic science fiction film, set on a spaceship. It calls to mind a great bit from Thank You For Smoking, where Rob Lowe’s […]


‘Man Of Steel’ Strives For Greatness, Settles On Good (Movie Review)

We’ll always have Superman: The Movie.  While Superman has arguably been the most recognizable superhero since his creation in 1938 and has remained a national icon, the 1978 film from Richard Donner seems to be the only time cinema had truly done its best to do him justice, let alone be the film that created […]


‘Contagion’ Spreads Procedural-Style Chills

With Contagion, acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh moves away from his more obscure arthouse fair and back into more mainstream film territory.  The result is a procedural-style thriller geared towards adults and it is plenty effective in having the surrounding audience be weary of anyone who coughs near them after having seen the film.  Using a […]