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The Meg Swallows The Competition This Weekend With “Meg”a-Size Fun! (Movie Review)

I know The Meg is based off a book, which we’ll cover in a moment, but one look at its insane trailer, crazy cast and cute name had me instantly at hello.  I don’t even care if the movie is a turd or a shipwreck of events.  I have to go see it if for […]


Trans4mers: Continental Drift (Movie Review)

How does one approach reviewing a movie like Transformers: Age of Extinction?  It ultimately does not matter too much, as this Michael “Boom Boom” Bay-directed franchise has no real problem turning a profit, even while critics and a certain percentage of audiences chuck nothing but garbage its way.  This is the fourth installment of the […]


Transformers 4 Gets A New Trailer, Poster, And More!

As we head closer and closer to what I am sure Michael “Boom Boom” Bay refers to as T-Day, more and more marketing materials are going to pop up to get people excited for yet another giant F-ing robots movie.  It is almost like we haven’t had much of a break, given the arrival of […]


Resident Evil: Retribution (Blu-ray Review)

I have to admit, while covering Sony’s Resident Evil Comic-Con panel in 2010 (here), I truly believed Resident Evil: Afterlife was going to be the last film in the franchise, at least for Milla Jovovich’s character and arc.  Was I ever wrong!  Not only did they prove my way of thinking incorrect, but Milla has […]