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Anger And Horror Abound In The Powerful ‘Detroit’ (Movie Review)

In a summer that’s already thrown us into war and pulled us out feeling optimistic enough with Dunkirk, Detroit has now come along to fuel a different, more complicated fire. Working as a war film, a hostage thriller, a horror film and a searing commentary all rolled into one, director Kathryn Bigelow isn’t here to […]


Join the Hunt on Blu-ray This March: Zero Dark Thirty

You want to be part of the greatest manhunt known to man, don’t you?  Sure you do, silly!  From the Academy Award-Winning Writer and Director of The Hurt Locker, the greatest manhunt in history, Zero Dark Thirty, comes home to the Blu-ray format on March 19th.  The film has been nominated for five Academy Awards […]


‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Thrills & Satisfies The Hype (Movie Review)

I kind of feel sorry for my fellow reviewers here because for weeks now they had to hear me complain left and right about Zero Dark Thirty not being theatrically released within the calendar year of 2012 in the greatest city in the world, Cleveland, Ohio.  So therefore, just about every critic in Los Angeles […]


‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Is A Thrilling Work Of Journalism Come To Life (Movie Review)

Sorry to reiterate the title, but Zero Dark Thirty is in fact a thrilling work of journalism come to life.  This is not a film that relies on sensational action sequences to depict the hunt for Osama bin Laden, nor is it a film that eventually finds the wonderful Jessica Chastain eventually strapping on night […]