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The Haunting of Hill House: Season One (Blu-ray Review)

The Haunting of Hill House was another one of those Netflix shows where I heard from word of mouth that you should be binging this.  And binge that we did!  However, unlike say a Stranger Things for example, The Haunting of Hill House is a slow burn.  So instead of taking all the episodes in […]


The Origins Of ‘Ouija’ Prove To Be Worthwhile (Movie Review)

After making $100+ million on a $5 million budget with the first film, we now have a prequel – Ouija: Origins of Evil. While it provided me with one of my favorite review titles, the first Ouija left almost no impression, aside from being one of the worst films of 2014. “No one will remember […]


SXSW Review: Hush

Hush is 90 minutes of energy, a white-knuckle thriller in every way; Oculus director Mike Flanagan has crafted a lean, brutal, and deceptively simple home invasion thriller. It’s almost a perfect companion piece to Don’t Breathe (Review Here). One has a blind villain; the other, a deaf heroine. Both will have you gasping for air after holding it […]


Set Your Sights on Horror as Oculus Arrives on Blu-ray this August

I always love being excited by a new and original horror movie, which is what Oculus turned out to be.  I was happy to see the film this past April and did what I could to sing its praises, as it was clever, scary, and well worth the time of those looking for some thrills (Review […]


‘Oculus’ Hit Me In The Center Of My Horror Fandom (Movie Review)

Oculus is a clever, well-crafted, and scary good time at the movies.  As far as horror movies go, for having a premise with the logline:  a brother and sister try to outsmart a killer mirror, the screenplay for this film is very smart.  The film is a strong character drama that just happens to have […]