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‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Gives The Dinosaurs A Fighting Chance (Movie Review)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom…just what the world needed, eh…another Jurassic Park film?  One could say that yes Jurassic World came with little new to offer longtime fans of the franchise and left us in a very familiar fashion as well.  One could also say the only thing it really did right was left us with […]


The BFG (Blu-ray Review)

The BFG, a big time collaborative effort to bring Roald Dahl’s classic story to the big screen in live action form seems like it would be a big deal, but maybe it was just past the time for excitement.  Maybe its not something for this current generation.  Its got a lot going for it with […]


‘Sons of Liberty’ on Blu-ray & DVD May 26

HISTORY®’s latest blockbuster miniseries Sons of Liberty is headed to Blu-ray™ (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) May 26th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. An action-packed, five-hour, scripted miniseries in the tradition of “The Vikings” and “Hatfields & McCoys,” and scripted by the writer of HBO’s “John Adams,” Sons of Liberty features an incredible ensemble cast, including Dean Norris (TV’s “Breaking Bad,” […]


Life Of Pi (3D Blu-ray Review)

I was very happy to see all the success that Life of Pi received during its theatrical run.  It is by no means a traditional Hollywood film, which is reflected by its international acclaim being more resonant than its domestic success.  With that said, the film did make a good splash box office-wise and critically, […]


‘LIFE OF PI’ Journeys Onto Blu-ray This March

Life of Pi was a film I was really happy to embrace.  This is the story, based off the bestselling novel (claimed to be unfilmable for a long time), which chronicles the journey of Pi, a young boy who is stranded at sea, along with a tiger.  I saw it multiple times in theaters, namely […]


‘Life of Pi’ Is A Splendid Visual Odyssey (Movie Review)

Upon hearing that this year would see the release of Life of Pi, a 3D film adaptation of the bestselling, but supposedly unfilmable book by Yann Martel, I was immediately feeling the same vibe that I had from Hugo in 2011. This feeling was amplified further upon learning that it was going to be directed […]