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‘Monster Party’ on Blu-ray & DVD December 18, 2018!

Three small-time thieves specializing in home burglary pose as caterers for a fancy dinner party at the Malibu mansion of the extravagantly wealthy Dawson family. But their plan for the perfect heist goes horribly wrong when they discover that the Dawsons and their guests are actually a support group of recovering serial killers. When one […]


Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Twelve New And Old Indie Titles

Since the year is winding down yet award hopefuls are hitting now fast and furious, there is no shortage of indie outings to choose from.  So to help alleviate the overabundance of movies past and present I’m taking fans over the next two months on my journey of not only the traditional tried and true […]


Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Seven New Indie Titles

The indie movie scene is as always loud and proud with this week’s crop of seven films hitting various genre notes for hungry cinema seekers.  Sensual stories, coming of age tales, cancer comedies, stressful shindig sagas, mid-life crisis movies, voyeur suspense outings and body jumping terror tales make up the flicks featured and dissected for […]


Empire Records (Blu-ray Review)

Odd as it may sound, Empire Records is actually a bonafide cult classic.  As much as people of my age range talked about it, quoted it and the frequency with which we watched it, we were in the minority.  The film has been more appreciated on in more recent years, and especially in our nostalgia […]


Supernova (Blu-ray Review)

When Scream Factory announced they were releasing Supernova many moons ago, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the distributor’s most celebrated announcement of all time.  The film came out back in 2000, wasn’t liked at all and bombed at the box office pretty hard.  Director Walter Hill allowed it to have some sort of historical significance […]


Scream Factory Presents SUPERNOVA January 13, 2015!

Supernova turns 15 years old next year.  After blowing out that 15th candle on its cake, it’ll be able to, like most of us probably, give it another look.  This film was a pretty massive failure at the box office, too.  Also of note, its the first film to use the “Thomas Lee” pseudonym instead […]