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The Darkly Comedic ‘Free Fire’ Shows You The Way Of The Gun (Movie Review)

I love seeing various action movies that show you two extremes. On the one side, you get a vintage John Woo flick like Hard Boiled, where Chow Yun-fat can equip himself with dual pistols and slide down a staircase banister while hitting plenty of bad guys. The other side leads something like one of my […]


Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (Blu-ray Review)

Based on the best-selling novel by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austen, PRIDE + PREJUDICE + ZOMBIES debuts on digital May 10 and on Blu-ray™, DVD and next-generation 4K Ultra HD™ May 31 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. In this reimagining of the classic tale, the Bennett sisters and  Mr. Darcy must unite to fight a […]


‘Maleficent’ Wishes To Soar, But Comes Up Lacking (Movie Review)

On the surface, placing audiences inside the head of one of the more memorable Disney villains of all time seems like a pretty interesting idea.  Add to that a casting choice that has rarely seemed any less perfect and you have a high concept Disney film with built in appeal from multiple standpoints.  I only […]



There is a lot of anticipation building for Maleficent, the live-action take on the Sleeping Beauty story, told from the perspective of it’s infamous villain.  I have liked what I have seen so far and now there is a new trailer, with a nice addition that seems quite fitting for the vibe of the film.  Here’s […]


Can I “Permanently” Check Into ‘Byzantium’? (Movie Review)

I went into my viewing of Byzantium wanting to like it so much because of my love for the can do no wrong actress, in my opinion, Gemma Arterton.   So the truth be told that whenever you do something like that you’re almost guaranteed to set yourself up for failure and utter disappointment (point […]


On The Road Movie Review – Just Seen It

Brenna, Liz and Salim review this road movie based on the famous novel by Jack Kerouac. Starring Brenna Smith, Liz Manashil and Salim Lemelle. Directed by Cooper Griggs. Synopsis: Based on the novel by Jack Kerouac, Sal seeks inspiration for his writing. But his life is shaken up with the arrival of the free-spirited Dean and his […]