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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Eight New Indie Titles

Though my eyes are cinematically bloodshot film fans (in a good way of course!), I’m nevertheless determined to give the WhySoBlu.com readers their movie money’s worth.  So once again I’m taking on a gigantic eight new indie flicks this week alone that range from distressing docs to somber features to even a teen tale that […]


Stone Cold (Blu-ray Review)

Stone Cold stars former Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian “The Boz” Bosworth in a film that’s wall-to-wall, knock down, knock out action. The supporting cast features William Forsythe (Once Upon A Time In America, The Devil’s Rejects), Arabella Holzbog (Across The Universe, Bad News Bears) and Sam McMurray (Raising Arizona) in a film directed by Craig […]


The Mob Doctor – FOX Fall 2012 Pilot Review – Just Seen It

Rachel, Sean and David review this new Fall 2012 medical procedural from Fox. Starring Rachel Appelbaum, Sean Wright and David Freedman. Directed by Amy Taylor. Synopsis: Jordana Spiro stars in this new drama from Fox about a brilliant surgeon with a secret. She agrees to do favors for the Mob, to keep them from killing her brother. […]