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J. Edgar (Blu-ray Review)

Leonardo DiCaprio has returned to the big screen and now to the high definition screen with Clint Eastwood directing the biopic of one J. Edgar Hoover. J. Edgar aims to show us a side of one of the most controversial and powerful figures in U.S/World History. On board for the ride is Oscar winning screenwriter […]


True To Life, ‘J. Edgar’ Can Be Feared, Admired, Reviled, And Revered

Biographies tend to run hot and cold for me.  Sometimes, like in the case of Gus Van Sant’s Milk, from back in 2008 (which screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, the screenwriter for J. Edgar, won an Oscar for), I can really get into the film, admire all the performances, the ways in which the film presents […]


Playing Shakespeare (DVD Review)

How would you like some acting lessons from such dramatic heavyweights as Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, Ben Kingsley, and David Suchet? As impossible as that may seem, that’s exactly what you get when you watch Playing Shakespeare since each of these performers are on hand to assist Royal Shakespeare Company’s Associate Director John […]


Plain ‘Jane Eyre’ Has A New Good Looking Adaptation

Jane Eyre is the umpteenth adaptation of the famous English novel by Charlotte Bronte.  Strangely, this latest version features the most explosions and gratuitous sex scenes yet.  That is a lie; this version of the film is very focused on its visuals.  Along with some very good cinematography, the film moves along through visual plot […]


‘Nine’ Brilliant To The Last

If 2010 proves to be a year scarred by a multitude of bad films (which I don’t think will be the case), I will always have the Broadway-based Nine to make my top ten list.  Starring Daniel Day Lewis as the overworked and oversexed film director Guido Contini, the man is surrounded by a barrage […]