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Reynolds And Bateman ‘Change-Up’ During One Big Freaky Friday

Studio Head: Man, remember back in the 80s when all of those body-switching comedy movies were really popular?  We made tons of money then.  Do we have any ideas like that out there now?  Studio Plot Pitcher: Well sir, there are some big, big comedies recently, which have all benefited from having an R-rating, as […]


I Love You Phillip Morris (Blu-ray Review)

I Love You Phillip Morris may be one of the most unconventional love stories of all time.  It could also be considered one of Jim Carrey’s most daring career moves of all time as well.  You know, with the whole “gay” stigma out there in the world,  a role like this taken by any other […]


‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ Is a Fun Time Away From Lockdown

To be very matter-of-fact, I Love You Phillip Morris is based on a true story about a gay con artist who managed to escape prison many times and also fell in love with one of his fellow inmates, Phillip Morris. Despite its seemingly unique premise and presence of Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor in lead roles, the film has been bouncing around for a couple years, trying to find a U.S. distributor.


The Funny People of Blu-ray

Funny People…here’s a film that I unfortunately did not catch in the theater, but I am anxiously awaiting my first viewing of it on the Blu-ray format.  As previously reported, Universal Studios is dropping the film on Blu-ray November 24th.  The release will see a 1080P video presentation with a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio comedic […]