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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Kissed”

Highlighting poignant past film work by way too-few female filmmakers (more please!), who says love and sex have to end with death – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  This week we are waxing nostalgic about a controversial film that raised a ton of eyebrows upon its release.  It weaved a simple tale of a girl who takes her new job working at a mortuary very seriously.  So seriously in fact that she throws herself into her work – body and soul.  Death, sex and a pinch of necrophilia – time to get….Kissed!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Timecrimes”

Time travel in cinema it doesn’t always have to have big extravagant effects to be effective as sometimes smaller can be better – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Still within the realms of the wide world – but focusing outside the US of course – this week we head to Spain for a little past picture inspiration in the form of a foreign flick that dares to do high tech on no-budget.  It’s a nifty little ditty that’s a clever mix of horror, suspense and drama (all the things Hitchcock used to love!) all the while being a believable sci-fi flick about traveling through time that appropriately bends the brain and heightens the senses.  Careful what you spy through those prying eyes as you could accidentally witness some…Timecrimes. Continue reading ‘Forgotten Friday Flick – “Timecrimes”’


Forgotten Friday Flick – “Amélie”

For those who claim that dark tales of woe are the only thing I know, I submit this week’s past picture selection as proof that positive cinema does get its due with me too – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Continuing the examination of all things foreign film, sport a smile and break out the love for a whimsical tale with plenty of good vibes.  Featuring a timid gal who finds her cupid calling and begins to make lives better for strangers (and herself to boot!), this French fable has ample parts sweetness and signature style guaranteed to melt movie hearts.  Mysterious boxes, ghost plagued photo booths and lawn elves that love to travel – welcome to the wonderful world of Amélie!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Mother” (2009)

Sometimes even foreign filmmakers have a few notable movie skeletons in their high-profile cinematic closet that yearn to be exposed – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  This week we highlight a lesser-known but still masterful thriller about a determined mother willing to go to any (and I do mean ANY!) lengths to keep her sweet son out of harms way.  A murder, a mystery and mom is on the case!  It’s my #1 movie pick of that year brought back to life for your convenience – Bong Joon-ho’s five-star film…Mother.

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover”

Want a little five-star foreign film avant-garde experience for the couch crowd with added controversial kick – then welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Can there actually be a film that captures colors and visuals that scream stunning, but is also immersed in some of the most explicit, disgusting, vile and downright jaw-drop shocking moments ever caught on celluloid?  If your name is Peter Greenaway, master filmmaking craftsman, it’s not only possible, but can be found at the local video store.  (Or available via the nearest streaming device!)  The title may be long, but the effect of the film will linger a lot longer, as we delve into the 1989 NC-17 classic…The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover.

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Red Cliff” (US & International Versions)

Keeping the love of all things past foreign film going we’re heading into movie battle with an ample outing that has no less then two different versions – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today we’re hitching a ride with a modern master of action who after making a notable US run headed back home to helm one of the most glorious epic Asian war films to date.  It’s a tasty little ditty staged at the end of the Han dynasty filled with love, passion and some brutal battles that all but announce the signature style of the films’ famous Hong Kong helmer.  With two movies of different lengths for fans to choose from it’s time to dissect the various versions of John Woo’s…Red Cliff!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “District 13: Ultimatum”

With a brand new year ahead I have a desire to delve into all things cinema outside the US for a while and highlight some memorable movies with a fine foreign flair – welcome to the first 2018 Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today we’re heading to the city of lights for a little sizzling sequel action that doesn’t require first film knowledge to seriously satisfy.  Seems some ambitious government boys decide to pull a fast one on the regular folk and a rogue cop and his high-flying buddy must use their fast fists skills to take them down.  (Alongside a bevy of brutal gang leaders out to do some damage of their own!)  Set-ups, double crosses, corruption at the highest levels and a pinch of parkour – there’s gonna be trouble in…District 13: Ultimatum!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “An Honest Liar”

The end of the year is near and I’m down to my final previous site Top Ten #1 flashback dissection just before my Top Ten Films of 2017 appears next week, so let’s finish it off – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  This blast from the recent past comes from my 2015 film list and – surprise, surprise – it’s in the form of one damn fine documentary.  Combining both personal and professional insight with natural and engaging ease, it’s the story of a man who prided himself on creating candid make believe…while taking down those who claimed their trickery was real.  Elevating real-life storytelling to a whole other level, it’s time to meet…An Honest Liar.

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Borgman”

With the holidays happening, why not celebrate the season with a little #1 pick from 2014 that adds a little creep to your Christmas – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  While filmmakers resort to all sorts of tactics these days to unsettle movie fans like thick blood and gore to slow building tension with a shocking payoff, this week’s past picture perfection has the rare accomplishment of being unnerving from start to finish.  Underground oddballs, gamey gurus, mayhem mind trips and one menacing little man you should never invite in who goes by the name of…Borgman!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “I Declare War”

And my #1 picks of past Top Ten lists just keep on coming with this little ditty from my 2013 selections that dares to mix kids and combat – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  This week we’re heading behind enemy lines to seek out a cinematic tasty little treat that lovingly mixes genres and succeeds.  With stellar comedy, action, drama and a pinch of pint-sized revenge, the flick in question is a bold and brilliant blend of Goonies and Platoon for the kid in us all.  Raise the flag as…I Declare War!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Sound Of Noise”

Keeping the stellar #1 selections of my previous years going, this week sees the film that captured the top prize from 2012 getting a little past picture love – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Original is the name of the game for this Swedish import that dared to combine inspired musical concerts with an anarchist sensibility.  The toe tapping tale of a gang of drummers who decide to play out their four musical movements terrorist style – all the while with a music hating cop hot on their tale.  It’s orchestra with an edge via the fully five-star gem…Sound Of Noise.

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “The Skin I Live In”

Over the next five weeks leading up to both various Top Ten Films of 2017 lists on this site, as well as celebrating the year’s end, I’m going to be reposting now MIA reviews of my #1 films from the last five years to provide all film fans in the dark of such captivating cinema a pinch of glorious five-star movie light – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  This week we’re heading all the way back to 2011 for a damn fine feature that captured not only controversy with it’s spicy story, but also my top film for that year.  A creepy and moody cautionary tale of love and revenge (and not necessarily in that order!), this one lingers long for all who dare to witness it.  So let’s head back, strap in and heed to movie director tour guide Pedro Almodóvar as he takes us on a unique journey known as…The Skin I Live In.

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Cherry 2000”

To celebrate the power of strong women in cinema, I thought I’d add my two cents by celebrating a reposting of an MIA past picture dissection featuring a tough lady movie character who definitely leads the way – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today’s selection has a gutsy gal who is asked to help a man with her bounty hunting skills find the perfect woman – but she requires batteries! It’s a love story about a man, his lovely fembot and a real woman who gives him pause.  Cue the soothing music, crack open the champagne and insert your memory microchip because love is in the air courtesy of five-star 1987 sci-fi camp classic…Cherry 2000!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Zero Effect”

With iconic actor Bill Pullman getting praises as the titular character in the upcoming The Ballad of Lefty Brown and Director Jake Kasdan’s work soon to be on display via the less-than-anticipated Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, it felt timely to repost an MIA oldie but a goodie to remind folks of the genius side of both Kasdan and Pullman via the best of their past work together…welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today’s selection, originally posted at my previous stomping grounds back on August 1, 2014, is one of my all time personal favorites.  A combination of an incredible screenplay, decent direction and some career best performances, it’s a film that fell through the cinematic cracks and thus truly earns the right to be called a hidden gem.  Quirky detectives, captivating blackmailers, amusing assistants and all under the arm of wit and charm, welcome to the world of…Zero Effect!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “The Page Turner”

Cooling off from the horror sting of Halloween is always hard, so this week I’m reposting an old but not gone recently MIA selection that keeps cinematic tension going but eases fans out of the scary mindset via sophisticated storytelling style – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today’s selection puts the refined back in revenge and features a tale of poignant piano payback told with a distinctive air of elegance.  Who says getting even can’t be classy?  We’re taking on…The Page Turner.

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “The Little Shop Of Horrors”

Halloween is almost here fright fans and so is yet another archived reposting of a prominent past picture nugget scary style – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Don’t let the 1960 elder black and white movie selection this week fool you, as there’s plenty of wit, sass and people eating botanical class to be had.  Originally posted on April 24, 2015 and now resurrected for WhySoBlu.com, it’s a joyous terror tale of sorts that was the origin of the famed character of a pesky plant with an unhealthy appetite that graced many musicals later on.  Surrounded by some equally particular people – a grouchy store owner, flower eating customers, funeral prone old ladies, a demented dentist and even a hypochondriac mom with an affinity for medicinal alcoholic tonic – welcome everyone to skid row home of Mushnick’s Flower Shop and known to the precious few as the…The Little Shop Of Horrors!

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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Pontypool”

I’m keeping the mini-archiving reposting of past columns that I truly adore going and this being the month of all hallows eve horror is the genre of the day – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Grave digging all the way back to Nov. 7, 2014 was the post of a frightful film that I lovingly refer to as the thinking man’s zombie film.  It’s a Canadian import that’s such a terrific blend of horror and intelligence that one may feel the desire and need to watch it twice.  But watch what you say – the wrong word may trigger an unwanted reaction.  Welcome to….Pontypool!


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Forgotten Friday Flick – “The Collector”

My previous stomping grounds Starpulse.com has streamlined and simplified their content and as a result years of my column Forgotten Friday Flick has been taken down.  And while there is no shortage of films to cover in the future, there were a few movie notables really near and dear to me that I didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle.  So over the next month or so I’m going to be resurrecting and reposting a few now deleted past picture gems in an effort to keep their lesser-known movie legacy alive.  We’ll begin with a scary piece of cinema that ran on October 12, 2012 in an effort to keep the theme of Halloween front and center – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today’s film is so much more then a simple tale of horror, even though it carries the moniker of being from the writers of the Saw sequels.  It’s an engaging mixture of the thriller and serial killer genres, but told with distinctively creative character flair.  One house.  A killer.  A thief.  Let the games begin.  We’re jumping headfirst into the box of…The Collector!

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