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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Mother” (2009)

Sometimes even foreign filmmakers have a few notable movie skeletons in their high-profile cinematic closet that yearn to be exposed – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  This week we highlight a lesser-known but still masterful thriller about a determined mother willing to go to any (and I do mean ANY!) lengths to keep her sweet […]


Aaron’s Exceptional Top Ten Films of 2017

We have reached another end of a year in film, and I’m happy to look back on what I saw. I had quite a bit of fun putting together this final list of movies, as there were strong contenders for the top ten, but plenty I still wanted to acknowledge as well. Having watched over […]


Nothing Will Prepare You For ‘Mother!’ (Movie Review)

It is amazing that a gonzo film like Mother! exists. That doesn’t take away from the many weird movies that are out there, some heralded as masterpieces, but Mother! is not some indie debut or the product of a decade continually spewing out originality. Here is a film full of A-list talent, produced by a […]