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Five Comic Book Series You Should Be Reading In 2018

So far I’ve found 2018 for comic books to be the complete opposite for the year’s movies. For instance, my top 10 films of the year list is looking rather bleak while my comics list is abundant with top tier stories. Hey, keep ’em coming! I’d rather have a top 10 list that is forever […]


Scarlet is Back! (Comic Review)

Six long years ago a little comic by the name of Scarlet first hit the shelves. I picked it up without ever having heard about it for two simple reasons. First, it was written by the tried and true Brian Michael Bendis, arguably one of the best, and hardest working writers in the business today. […]


‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Reborn in 3rd Volume

Back in the early 90’s I was pretty big into comic book buying. Then I slowly faded from the pop culture media and it soon drifted out of sight, out of mind. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago or so that I decided to see what else was out there in the way of […]


Age of Ultron: Book One

One of the older but less utilized characters in the Marvel universe is that of Ultron.  The metallic menace first appeared in a Marvel comic back in the late 1960’s as the creation of Avengers genius Hank Pym.  Storylines have come a long way in the last 40+ years and this latest bit of pop culture […]