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‘DC vs. Vampires’ Debuts in Time for Halloween

In 2019, DC Comics released a six-issue mini-series titled DCEASED, which was, if nothing else, one of the most gripping storylines the publisher has released to date. If it was described to you simply as DC’s most famous super heroes fight zombies, you might immediately revert to the thought of Marvel Zombies. However, this couldn’t […]


Detective Comics Issue #1000

It has been a long time in coming, about 80 years to give you an idea. That is no coincidence either. This year marks the 80th birthday of arguably the second most famous super hero in the world; Batman. While Action Comics got its start in 1938 and featured everybody’s favorite Kryptonian, it actually arrived […]


Batman Annual #1 (Review)

Just when you thought DC’s launch of the New 52 was long done and over, readers get treated to an extension of that with this week’s release of Batman Annual #1. The title comes to us amidst the very solid ‘Night of the Owls’ story arc currently taking place throughout many DC titles while also […]