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‘Skyscraper’ Is A Gravity Defying Blast! (Movie Review)

Skyscraper, which we are gathered here to discuss today, is NOT the rousing Demi Lovato song.  Instead, Skyscraper is the newest Dwayne Johnson action vehicle.  I mean how much lull can we have theatrically speaking without a new Rock movie packing seats in the theaters?  That was of course a very rhetorical question.  The answer […]


‘The Man With The Iron Fists’ Is A Fitting Tribute From RZA

The Man with the Iron Fists is the movie that The RZA (pronounced Rih-Zah) has always wanted to make and a film that people would likely expect from him.  It is a martial arts epic infused with hip-hop that pays loving tribute to the Shaw Brothers era of Kung Fu movies, with a mix of […]