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An Ashley Judd Sighting Amplifies ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ on Blu-ray!

Stop the press!  I don’t care if it’s only a brief moment…word has it that Ashley Judd makes an appearance in Olympus Has Fallen and that’s good enough for me!  It warms my heart that she’s actually in a movie that’s critically reviewed as being okay because God I swear she has made more bad […]


‘Olympus Has Fallen’ And A 90s Action Movie Rises (Movie Review)

It is funny how some movies strike me differently than others, despite their similarities.  Olympus Has Fallen has all the jingoism, xenophobia, and silliness to match awful films like Red Dawn or Red Tails.  It is also cheap and ugly enough at times to match an awful film like A Good Day To Die Hard.  […]


‘The Man With The Iron Fists’ Is A Fitting Tribute From RZA

The Man with the Iron Fists is the movie that The RZA (pronounced Rih-Zah) has always wanted to make and a film that people would likely expect from him.  It is a martial arts epic infused with hip-hop that pays loving tribute to the Shaw Brothers era of Kung Fu movies, with a mix of […]