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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Three New Indie Titles

With recent back to back film fest coverage it’s been quite a task keeping up with the weekly indie releases (have no fear – quantity in smaller cinema will return to full force film fans!), so this week we’re hitting a couple missed flicks and one new one.  Unconventional childhood stories, tales of survival in […]


LA Film Festival 2017 – ‘What To See’

For those here in LA the film fest fever never stops as witnessed by the myriad of movie gatherings in the month of June alone.  So up next in our WhySoBlu.com comprehensive coverage is a famed fest so prestigious and well known that a cinema celeb sighting is all but guaranteed – it’s time for […]


Aaron’s Most Anticipated Films Of 2017 – A Month By Month Look

Given the research and only having so much to work with, this is always a tough list to put together. I see over a hundred movies a year theatrically and a lot of those films are ones I’ve been anticipating to some degree, while many others are smaller films that randomly arrive on the calendar […]


Review: Jurassic World

Finally delivering on the promise of John Hammond, Jurassic World is a theme park we’ve all dreamed of. A place where people can ride a Triceratops. A place where you can roam in the middle of a  Stegosaurus herd in a gyro sphere. Where you can take a boat tour down the river, and travel […]


Welcome To ‘Jurassic World’ (Movie Review)

In preparation of Jurassic World, like a nerd, I spent the entire weekend cramming in the previous three films.  It’s safe to say that I’ve seen the first one like a hundred times, but the latter two, I honestly had no recollection of.  I also have to admit, these films aren’t really my favorites either. […]


Jurassic World Trailer Premiere Plus New Images!

“Clever girl.”  Well this is more exciting than I was expecting.  Jurassic World is coming and while I may not have many nice things to say about the previous Jurassic Park sequels (I like 3 more than The Lost World though), I still have a continue interest in dinosaurs and the world that these films exist in.  Now we […]