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Halloween II Receives A Fresh Facelift (Movie Review)

Going into this one I was iffy.  It’s not because I don’t love Halloween.  I’m a huge fan of Michael Myers.  He’s my favorite fictional slasher.  It’s because of the X-Men-like way, albeit without time travel or a flux capacitor, the filmmakers want us to shrug off the former Halloween sequels ever happened.  Now I […]


‘Eastbound & Down’ Comes To A Beautiful F-ing End On Blu-ray With The Complete Fourth Season Arriving This May

I have been a huge fan of HBO’s comedy series Eastbound & Down and its ridiculous, foul-mouthed anti-hero character Kenny Powers since the beginning.  I know some people are not big on Danny McBride, but I find him hilarious and this show, which he is heavily involved the production of, was a perfect way to […]