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The ‘Cure For Wellness’ Is A Big-Budget Oddity (Movie Review)

I would like to propose something.  Many will argue how A Cure for Wellness has few tricks up its sleeves that audiences have not seen before. What if director Gore Verbinski knows that as well? Fitting in the same league as gorgeously designed, but narratively challenged films such as Shutter Island and Crimson Peak, A […]


‘The Lone Ranger’ Trades A Pile Of Silver For An Overblown Adventure (Movie Review)

In 2002, audiences were able to see what came of a failed film that would have starred Johnny Depp.  This film was Lost in La Mancha, a documentary that chronicled the attempt by director Terry Gilliam to make a film about Don Quixote, only to be undone by production and budget problems, forcing the film […]


Johnny Depp’s ‘The Lone Ranger’ Show (Movie Review)

When I first learned that Disney was bringing back The Lone Ranger to the big screen I have to admit, I got rather excited.  Despite not being a huge fan of Westerns, I have fond childhood memories of the masked fighter of injustice and his white stallion, Silver.  Hi-ho Silver!  Away!  However, I had to […]


Hi Ho Silver! The Lone Ranger Trailer Debuts

I’m sure plenty of people are looking forward to this one.  A new film that once again brings together Johnny Depp, director Gore Verbinski, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer into an all new action/adventure film.  Well now the trailer for The Lone Ranger  has arrived and it looks to be all sorts of fun.  Packed with […]


RANGO is Fun for the Whole Family!

Not often can I recommend a movie for the entire family to see together.   Many movies are niched to a specific audience and age demographic, and many times parents struggle to find something everyone can enjoy.  RANGO fits this bill nicely.   Gore Verbinski has assembled a winning team of voices for the animated […]


A Fistful of ‘Rango’

I’m gonna start off big with this one partner – Rango is the best film I have seen so far this year.  I absolutely loved watching this movie.  It is incredibly well crafted, scored, gorgeously animated, funny, and handled wonderfully in its action.  It is also quite weird, in a good way. For a major […]