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What’s More American Than Hotdogs, Fireworks & The First Purge? (Movie Review)

I wasn’t sold on Universal’s first Purge film in 2013, but the acting of Frank Grillo in the second 2014 outing made me an instant fan.  The third installment, 2016’s Election Year, was pretty good, but nothing in my opinion can top that “you killed my son” moment in Anarchy.  However, I digress.  We’re not […]


It’s Your God Given Right To ‘Purge’ This ‘Election Year’ (Movie Review)

Something weird happened in 2014.  My girlfriend made me take her to see The Purge: Anarchy in the theater.  Why is this newsworthy?  Hold on!  I’m getting to it.  I like a slow burn.  Haha.  It’s remarkable because of my  disdain of the first entry in this Purge franchise.  I initially absolutely hated the concept […]


‘The Purge’ Finds A Winning Vote In Aptly-Titled ‘Election Year’ (Movie Review)

There is something to admire in The Purge franchise that has stemmed from a singular voice, writer/director James DeMonaco. This twisted franchise has not been my favorite, but it has been influenced by topical subject matter that now pushes this latest entry, The Purge: Election Year, to a point that almost feels plausible. Some audiences […]


The Purge: Catching Fire & Rescue (Movie Review)

One of the more impressive aspects of The Purge: Anarchy is not really the movie itself, but the fact that how it was sold managed to get me excited, despite the first ‘Purge’ from a year ago finding its way to my ‘Worst of 2013’ list.  Fast-tracked sequel or not, ‘Anarchy’ seemed set out to […]


‘The Purge’ Left Me Feeling Empty (Movie Review)

The Purge is a good example of an interesting premise being overtaken by idiotic characters.  Here’s a thriller that has a killer setup:  all crime is legal for 12 hours a year.  Even if the film is limited in scope and budget, there are a lot of places one could take this idea and find […]


It’s Okay To Splurge On ‘The Purge’ (Movie Review)

Every so often an idea or a treatment comes across that’s so ludicrous and insane that you just can’t help wondering if it can be properly pulled off and executed, I don’t want to say flawlessly, but let’s loosely use the word skillfully for the time being.  The Purge just so happens to be one […]